Bloom Project

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Jellyfish made out of plastics by Julya Hajnoczky

Bloom Project

By Julya Hajnoczky

Just how much plastic do we use in a week? Now that most major Canadian cities have recycling programs, it’s easy to drop all that plastic in the recycling bin and lose track of the sheer volume and just how pervasive this material has become.

I’m looking for participants who are interested in examining these ideas, and taking part couldn’t be easier!

As the current artist in residence at the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation, I’m building a Bloom of jellyfish, but these are no ordinary sea creatures. Using repurposed plastic materials such as deli or takeout containers and plastic clamshell containers for the bodies and strips of bubble wrap and bags for the tentacles, I’ll be filling the studio with hundreds of jellies.

Here’s Where you Come in

I’m looking for volunteers to set aside all the single-use plastic they generate in the normal course of one week. This isn’t an exercise in cutting down and showing how low you can get (although I’m sure it will make you think about it). Instead of putting it in the recycling as usual, I’d like you to bring it to me to add to the jellyfish bloom. Any and all plastic is accepted: takeout containers, bubble wrap, bottle caps, yogurt containers, molded plastic packaging, and inserts, I’ll take it (please just be sure everything has been properly washed before bringing it in).

Due to COVID safety precautions and reduced public access to the building, drop-offs are by appointment only.

Please contact me directly via email at to arrange a time for physically distanced curbside drop-off. All drop-offs will be at the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation studio, located at cSPACE King Edward (1721 29th Ave. SW).

Thank you for your participation in helping build the Bloom!

(The artist thanks the Calgary Arts Development Authority for their generous funding support of the Bloom project.)

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