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Board of Directors

At the Calgary Justice Film Festival (CJFF), we present some of the world’s best documentaries on the issues that are important to us as individuals, Canadians, global citizens, and humans. We’ve brought influential and timely documentaries from international filmmakers to more than 30,000 people in the Calgary area and across Canada, and thanks to our sponsors, we’ve done it free of charge.

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2022 Recruitment Goals for Board of Directors

The CJFF board of directors serve as the main governing body for the organization. Directors are passionate volunteers who provide leadership to move the organization toward a shared vision for a minimum of two terms. For the term starting in April 2022, we are opening up a number of positions on the board. Specifically, we are looking for directors with passion, skills, and experience in the areas

  • Financial management and accounting experience
  • Grant writing and fund development
  • Partnership development and fundraising
  • Community engagement
  • Non-profit governance
  • Non-profit management

Board of Directors Overview

The CJFF board of directors is responsible for providing policy and strategic oversight for the organization. As an operational board, the board of director is also responsible for the daily operation of the organization. All directors are expected to support general board responsibilities, as well as specific responsibilities, as assigned by the board president. In addition, all directors are expected to actively participate in the operation of at least two areas of the festival.

The minimum expected commitment is 10 hours of volunteer services per month and two (2) terms on the board.

Governance Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure operations align with bylaws.
  • Develop policies and procedures where gaps exist.
  • Ensure operations align with organization’s three-year strategic plan.
  • Adjust and develop new strategic framework as needed.
  • Manage all financial activities for the festival; authorized financial payments when assigned by the board president.
  • Create and implement organizational budget.

Operation Responsibilities:

  • Administration Tasks: Ensure bills are paid, proper documentation and reporting, fulfill legal requirements for the organization, etc.
  • Finances: Manage financial records, authorize financial payments when assigned by the board president, approve contracts and expenses over $1000, review contracts to ensure alignment with budget, develop and implement the annual budget.
  • Committee Coordination: programming, communications, arts advisory.
  • Programming: Film selection, coordinate with filmmakers, collect film files and information, coordinate film programming.
  • Communications: Social media coordination, media relations management, marketing materials creation, audience evaluation and feedback collection.
  • Arts Advisory: Support active communication with filmmakers to create and adjust organization’s artist direction.

Required Skills

As a member of the board, we are looking for leaders who can work with minimal supervision and take on initiatives to further the organization’s mission. Board members should be highly passionate about social and environmental justice, and have interest in addressing these issues through action.

Due to the cooperative culture of the board, members must have excellent communication and listening skills. Candidates should have at least three years of experience and exceptional skills in their selected areas (see section two above). The ideal candidate would have leadership skills and management experience with a film festival or non-profit organization and, preferably, at least one year volunteer experience with CJFF.


This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to social and environmental justice awareness while developing valuable skills for further professional development.

This position will also have the opportunity to further develop leadership and team management skills, and would be suitable for candidates at mid-to senior level professionals.

How to Apply

Please email resume or LinkedIn profile to and include a cover letter that answers the following questions:

  •  The area(s) you are interested in (see section two above).
  •  Why are you interested in joining the board for this film festival?
  •  Which environmental or social justice issue are you interested in addressing?
  •  How are you connected with the festival? Please elaborate.
  •  Optional – What is your vision for this festival and how would you work towards this vision?

All suitable applicants will be interviewed by members of the board.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the current board members or

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