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BodyWeather Workshop

Exploring Physical Presence with Victoria Hunt

BodyWeather is a comprehensive training and performance practice that develops a conscious relation to the state of change inside and outside the body. It draws from Eastern, Western, and Pacific dance, martial arts, and experimental theatre practices.

The term and philosophical basis for BodyWeather was founded by farmer/dancer Min Tanaka and his MAI-JUKU performance group in Japan. The training encompasses four main areas of practice, which vary between high-energy work and quiet, meditative explorations.

BodyWeather training and performance practice explores the mind and the body. It is not solely for professional dancers or performance practitioners but is an open investigation that can be relevant to anyone interested in the practical strategy to approach the body and physical presence.

What does the Program Offer?

This workshop will gather participants together in a process of intersubjective dialogue and physical practice to explore the relationship between space, time, and place. The physical practice will be rooted in BodyWeather, working with the body as energetic potential within a sensory field.

BodyWeather cultivates a conscious relation to states of change and considers the body as a constantly changing environment within a greater environment. We will sharpen our senses to these finely tuned processes and cycles.

We are bearers of time and relationship. We will explore how these qualities arise in and around us, and how the body can be danced by them. Together we will find thresholds of becoming, unbecoming, almost becoming, and leaving. We will witness and keep watch.

We will honour the different perspectives in the space, understanding that each position reveals the possibility of new knowledge. We will inhabit different perspectives at once.

Who Should Apply?

This intensive workshop is open to dancers, performance artists, and artists who wish to explore expression through physical presence.

Those of all experience levels are welcome to apply, however, the training is demanding, and participants should be prepared to work hard physically.

To find out more or to apply online visit

Application Deadline: November 28, 2018
Program Dates: February 4 – 8, 2019

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