Call for Collaborators

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Call for Collaborators

Oki, Danit’ada, Âba wathtech, Hello,

We are Bonnybrook Junction, a collective of small businesses, artisans, artists, creatives, activists, and entrepreneurs who came together to imagine and build the support and wealth of our community.

We are looking for collaborators who: are emotionally mature, can communicate through conflict, are open to being wrong, will contribute what resources they have access to, are passionate about equity and justice, and believe in the power of community. You must be able to commit to people and relational progress as more important than money, and understand that putting values and integrity first actually increases wealth for everyone. Service is a major value of ours.

We are creating something counter-cultural and radical, and will always question the status-quo, however we will always have a purpose behind our decisions, not just a blind need to rebel.

This is an emergent collective, meaning we create the rules and the structure. Nothing exists until we make it. Leaders are those who step up and put into action what they want to see. Complaining and gossiping won’t last.

Our Ideal Collaborator Will

  • Be committed to cooperative working.
  • Value relationships and community.
  • Work well with collective and group environments, as a self employed contractor and independent worker.
  • Have tools they practice to navigate differences in opinions, experiences and practices, value autonomy and individual rights.
  • Have experience with resolving conflict in a healing and transparent way.
  • Have an intersectional understanding of art and making, crossing disciplines, not conforming to narrow definitions of creativity, wants to challenge mainstream ideas of business.

Specifically we encourage those who self identity as the following to apply: dancers, choreographers, dance artists, visual artists, theatre artists, voice artists, composers, musicians, spoken word artists, performance artists, comedians, writers, film makers, photographers, self employed contractors of any kind, organizers, political activists, community groups, makers, and artisans of all kinds…that’s what our brains can come up with… we are sure you have more ideas!

The Space

The warehouse has designated corners but is open concept with no solid divisions. There is an upstairs and downstairs with a door, but the upstairs is a loft so is not completely enclosed. A bathroom and shower are available, two indoor storage rooms, three outdoor storage spaces, a patio, a loading dock, three parking spots and free street parking. This is an industrial area with mostly non-retail businesses open Monday to Friday. It is easy to access from Blackfoot Trail.

We have friendly neighbours including Bonnybrook Studios, wood floors, and Kingdom Coffee.

The space can be used as a work/office space, for meetings, for selling, for creating, for holding events and anything else you can imagine. There is a small 10×10 sprung dance floor upstairs. The second floor is up about 15 steep steps.

There are WiFi limitations including the aforementioned open concept space and that it is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12:00 to 5:00pm as a retail space. We also periodically put on markets.

Current Members Are:

  • The Beat Nook – Performance space
  • Birdie and Jules – Vintage seller
  • Left and Found – Vintage seller
  • Simply Vintage – Vintage seller
  • Sweetgrass Vintage – Vintage seller

Current Vendors/Collaborators Are:

  • Lapin Artisan Soap – Soap maker
  • Unicorn Farts – Candle maker
  • Sebastian Rueda Montes – theatre artist

What We Offer

  • A space based on availability and needs in the collective warehouse in Bonnybrook/Alyth/Manchester (near Ogden) in the SE quadrant of Calgary.
  • Sliding scale rent based on ability, space and resources.
  • Access to the space 24/7 (with consent and availability).
  • Support, promotion, collaborators, like minded fellows, fun!
  • Freedom to create your space and utilize as you need, build your vision.

A three month probation period as a tenant, wherein collaborators will pay for space at their agreed upon rate, sign a contract to be abided by, but will not have the responsibility or opportunity to participate as a full collective member. After this period, all parties involved can decide if the collaborator will move forward as simply a tenant or if they want to be a full collective member with voting rights and decision making powers.

For more information and details about being featured, visit

Member vs Tennent

This is an evolving structure but some differences between these roles would be:


  • Attends monthly meetings.
  • Spearheads new common ideas or projects.
  • Stays in regular communication with other members.
  • Gets to know other members.
  • Committed to building the collective long term.


  • Has minimal expectations.
  • Exchanges finances or other payments for space.

Both members and tenants will sign a contract.

Application Process

  • Part 1:
    • Come see the space if you haven’t already. Email us at to arrange a time or stop in on Friday, Saturday or Sundays from 12:00 to 5:00pm.
  • Part 2:
    • Apply. Send us a message, letter, a video or audio recording of interest, introducing yourself. Tell us how being a part of Bonnybrook Junction would support your values and goals. Email by October 1, 2021, with subject line Bonnybrook Junction Collaborator Application.
    • We are leaving applications open to allow for word of mouth to find the right people. However, we do have space available immediately, and we encourage applying early if you are prepared to do so.
    • We are not placing priority on formal or institutional credentials. Speak about your volunteering, your hobbies, your family and personal experience if you wish!
  • Part 3:
    • Circle Interview. You will be notified on a continual basis (first come first serve) whether we will be meeting with you or not. We will interview as applications come in. Once the deadline has passed on October 1, 2021, all remaining circle interviews will be scheduled by October 15, 2021, to take place before October 31, 2021.
    • You will meet members of the Bonnybrook Junction Collective for an open conversation.⁣ We will interview a minimum of five applicants total and offer a $25 Store Credit to each interviewee. We value the time you take to talk to us and we learn a great deal from these conversations.

Questions and topics for the conversations will be shared with candidates beforehand.

Guidelines for safe/brave spaces will be honoured for each interview conversation and will begin with an acknowledgement of the land we are on.

If you have any questions, concerns, or require any accommodations, please contact

We are committed to removing barriers to employment that are faced by equity-seeking groups and encourage (but do not require) members of these groups to self-identify as such in their applications.

We strongly encourage individuals who self-identify as Black, racialized, or Indigenous (status or non-status First Nations, Métis, or Inuit) to apply.

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