Booster Fundraiser

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Booster Fundraiser

For over 30 years, Mama Diva Dawn has been working on creating stages for artists/events/shows across Canada and the US. Now based out of Calgary, there is an ever growing niche of a grassroots stage to be dedicated to performance art, cabaret, burlesque, comedy and the unity of these art forms and more that needs to be filled! Working over 10 years on refining a business plan, finding the right venue, listening to the numbers and building the community, it is time to put things into action!

We are a hop, skip & a jump away from signing the lease. Hopefully we’ll be roosting in a basement venue in Calgary’s Historic Chinatown. As we are on a shoe-string budget, that is all too common in the arts and small biz world, there are basics that we do need.

These funds will go to things like stage lights, a stage, a projector, fridge, supplies for seating, inventory, inspections, licences, etc.

Every bit helps. $10 goes a long way when you have Mama on the books.

For more information visit for regular updates, cast calls, announcements and the opening! 😉

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