Botanical Inks Workshop

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Botanical Inks Workshop

Instructor: Skye LouisDate: 1 Day workshop, January 21, 2024
Time: 10am – 4pm

This workshop is designed for printmakers who want to make their own inks from plant-based materials. We will use plant material to create two types of botanical inks for printmaking on fabric. These inks are best suited for screen-printing and block-printing on fabric.

During the session, we will be working with tannins and dye plants from the South Asian subcontinent. The processes we cover can be adapted to make inks from plants from other regions as well.

This workshop touches on the basics of working with tannins and mordanting cellulose fibres, but ink-making is the main focus. We will also discuss finishing processes and tips and tricks for the home studio. Experience with natural dyeing is helpful, but not needed.

The instructor will cover:

  • Basic approach to making your own ink from plant material
  • Hands on experience extracting dyes from plants
  • Demo on how to prep cellulose fibres for printing
  • Hands on Introduction to binders and thickeners, modifiers, and preservatives for our inks
  • Demo of dunging and finishing techniques
  • Resources to continue your natural ink learning journey
  • Each participant will leave with a set of plant based inks for printing on fabric.

Cost: 165, prices not subject to GSTFor more information and to register visit 2024 Workshop Registration.

Class limited to 4 participants for adults 18+ years old.

Instructor Bio

Skye is a community-based printmaker and arts educator and frequently collaborates with local organizations. They focus on making complex ideas and skills accessible through hands-on, interactive learning. Skye is a member of CADA’s Artist As Changemaker cohort and Alberta Printmakers. They have been studying traditional printing and dyeing techniques from the South Asian subcontinent with the support of Calgary Arts Development.For more information visit

Botanical Ink Basics | With Skye Louis | January 21, 2024

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