Boundless Creativity: Bookbinding Workshop

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Boundless Creativity: Bookbinding Workshop

Boundless Creativity: Unleash Your Imagination with Hand-Bound Visual JournalsDate: October 5, 2023Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pmLocation: MAUD Collective (409, 14 Ave. NE)
Cost: $25, tickets

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Embark on a journey of artistic expression through this bookbinding workshop. Join us as we delve into the world of artisanal bookbinding, where you’ll master the coptic style to bring your own unique sketchbook to life.

In this hands-on experience, you’ll discover the art of crafting a sketchbook from scratch – from creating covers to folding, binding, and adding the final touches. You’ll gain practical bookbinding skills and explore the boundless potential of your visual journal.

Following the workshop, unleash your creativity within the pages of your hand bound sketchbook, as it transforms into a realm of visual storytelling, mixed media masterpieces, and the perfect haven for your artistic musings. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just beginning your creative journey, our workshop is designed to nurture your imagination and fuel your passion for artistic exploration.

Join us to elevate your artistic practice, discover the therapeutic power of visual journaling, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for creativity.

Elevate your artistry – one stitch at a time. Reserve your spot today and let your creativity flow freely in the pages of your handcrafted visual journal.

Boundless Creativity Bookbinding Workshop | Resonance Art Studio

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