The Boxed Stories Gallery III

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The Boxed Stories Gallery III

This is a call for artists and writers working across a wide spectrum of media to participate in the winter/spring exhibit of The Boxed Stories Gallery located in the Creative Hive space of Loft 112.

Location: 535 8 Ave. SE

A bit about the Gallery

Housed within a vintage card catalogue, the library’s one time answer to organizing a collection of books for readers to locate on a shelf, visitors will be encouraged to discover varied artworks as they open each drawer.

The Call

The pieces can range from paintings, prints, photography, assemblage, music as well as wood, metal and ceramic sculpture and/or any other format the artist/writer imagines.

The dimensions of each must fit and fill the drawer: Length- 15.25” Width – 5” Height 2”.

If interested, artists/writers are encouraged to come and explore the exhibit for planning purposes.


November 30, 2021: Letter of interest (1 page) stating your interest/availability/concept if you have one; background experience, education, projects and/or anything else you wish to share with us. In the event we receive more interest then spots, this will help us choose participants.

Those chosen will be contacted by December 5, 2021.

December 14, 2021: from 4:30pm to 7:00pm Pick up of box at Loft 112 (to take home and curate)
January 18, 2022 Install: 4-7pm drop off of completed box at Loft 112
January 28, 2022 Opening Night: Details depending on state of Covid recommendations
June 2022 Takedown: Exact date TBD

For more information visit

Loft 112 will pay each box of The Boxed Stories Gallery $100 for a total of $3,000 (30 artists x$100 each)

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