Outreach & Event Coordinator

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Outreach & Event Coordinator

Apply by April 25, 2021.

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is recruiting youth for four exciting summer positions as part of our 2021 BUMP Festival team for work between May 17 and September 17, 2021. We’re seeking ambitious, outgoing and talented youth to help organize our 2021 BUMP Festival in Calgary.

Number of Positions: One
Hours Per Week: 16-40
Period: May 17 – September 10, 2021
Pay: $20/hour


The successful candidate will work with the BUMP Festival coordinator to plan and promote the BUMP Festival with a focus on community activations. With assistance from the executive directors and board of directors of the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association, the event coordinator will make murals and events accessible to a broader audience safely in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP) is a community driven initiative transforming the centre of Calgary, Alberta, Canada into an expansive open-air art gallery since 2017. The 2021 BUMP Festival runs from August 1 to 28, 2021.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan, manage, and promote the execution of the 2021 BUMP Festival, with a focus on ensuring accessibility to the public while adhering to current AHS guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Connect and collaborate with local partner businesses.
  • Lead the development of “Artist Welcome Packages” and local resources.
  • Assist festival coordinator with the execution of all BUMP Festival events.
  • Plan and organize media relations with artists without interfering in painting schedules.
  • Plan and organize artist panel talks, artist interviews, and mural tours working around artist painting schedules.
  • Plan and organize artist and staff events with mural coordinators.
  • Lead and organize volunteers for events and activations as necessary.
  • Connect with mural coordinators to ensure artists are represented authentically.
  • Contribute to BUMP’s overall strategies as an enthusiastic, collaborative, and supportive team member.
  • Participate as a team member by taking on administrative and logistical tasks to ensure delivery of seamless service.

Experience Requirements & Competencies

  • Experience in event planning and organization.
  • Friendly and outgoing presence in the community.
  • Experience soliciting and building new business partnerships.
  • Exceptionally strong communication, organization and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to process and interpret critical feedback into work.
  • Passionate about bringing visual arts into the community.
  • Handles challenges and complexities with grace and positivity.
  • Ability to take initiative, meet deadlines and effectively manage priorities.
  • Remote work at event and mural sites is required. Personal transportation is an asset.

Outcomes for youth include gaining experience in visual arts events, promotion, and community building. Building relationships with project stakeholders, and practical experience working as part of a team in creating community and cultural experiences in Calgary. Developing skills in receiving and interpreting feedback, mentorship, coordinating amongst a team, and communication. Goals for staff will be outlined with team leaders at the beginning of the contract and monitored throughout.

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind.

Please send your resume with a brief cover letter including the position(s) you are applying for and a portfolio of any relevant work no later than Sunday, April 25, 2021, 6:00pm MST to paint@beltlineyyc.ca.

Please PDF as a single document no larger than 10MB.

If you are unable to meet the application deadline, please email paint@beltlineyyc.ca to make alternative arrangements.

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