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Business Manager

Term: Part-time
Application opens: January 6, 2023
Application deadline: January 20, 2023

We express gratitude to our current business manager, who is retiring in March 2023. We are looking for someone organized and detail-oriented to fill the role of business manager (BM). The BM reports to and acts as an assistant to the artistic director. Duties include general administration and financial management.

About DSW

Dancers’ Studio West (DSW) is a non-profit, charitable organization that supports the professional development of contemporary dance artists in Alberta. Our programs are aimed at deepening artists’ physical, creative and research practices. Additionally, we foster community and appreciation for dance in audiences by initiating and nuancing dialogue on dance. DSW has served the community since 1980.

DSW currently staffs three people on a part-time basis: Artistic director, business manager and communications officer, and is supported by a passionate, skilled board of directors. The working environment is casual and flexible to accommodate the ebb and flow of work during our programming season.


The BM position is compensated at the rate of $25/hour for up to 45 hrs/month. The work is expected to average about 10 hrs/week. Given the fluctuating work flow, we anticipate recurring tasks to take less than 5 hrs/week. Other hours will be used for project work and meeting specific deadlines. This work structure allows the BM to work on their own schedule, from home or in the DSW office.


The successful candidate supports the arts and has administration experience within the context of a charitable organization. Financial management experience is considered an asset but not required to apply. The applicant must be technologically proficient and can work with the Google suite, including Gmail, Docs, and Sheets. Candidates must be residents of Alberta, preferably in Calgary.

Administration Duties:

  • Board support — taking minutes, maintaining a to-do list from the board and the weekly staff meetings, following up and providing overall support to the board and AD.
  • General IT support — maintaining email addresses, online access to files, maintaining passwords and connections, etc.
  • Record keeping — developing and maintaining records to support and defend the organization. Maintaining the physical records to support the grant applications and reports, general correspondence, board records (both electronic and paper records).
  • Grant applications and reporting — BM currently participates with the AD in the financial and statistical reports. AD bears responsibility for contact and interaction with the granting organizations, narrative for applications, etc.
  • AGLC: Casinos and Bingos — liaise with the volunteer coordinator, attend bingo meetings four times per year, admin work before and during casino fundraising events, which usually happen once every 18 months.
  • Annual Society Return (provincial) – overseeing the preparation and filing of the Annual Society Return.


  • Banking and investments — managing GICs.
  • Revenue Canada — maintain compliances for the charitable license (charitable
    receipts, T4A’s, GST (filed quarterly).
  • Budget — BM job is mostly custodial, presenting the information provided by the AD as to the programming costs, contributing as to admin and general operations costs.
  • Forecasting & Cash Flow management — this is an extension of both the bookkeeping and budget records.
  • Financial Administration — developing and maintaining records to support and defend the organization. This includes interaction with the AD that is required to receive invoices, gain approval and make payments and generally maintain the physical records to support the financial results. Tracking project costs to support the AD. These records are maintained both electronically and paper copies.
  • Grant Applications/Reporting — support development of both the statistical and financial reports within CADAC and AFA.


  • Bookkeeping — hire and oversee maintenance of formal financial records.
  • Accounting — this may or may not be hired out to the same person doing the bookkeeping. Work involves year-end examination and self-audit, prepare financial statements, prepare and file T3010 with Revenue Canada.
  • AGLC Reporting — bingo/casino reconciliation reports due to the AGLC annually in September.

To apply, please send an email to Rufi Oswaldo, Artistic Director,

Please include a short statement of interest (around 250 words) and a copy of your CV by January 20, 2023.

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