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Movie Funding

The Legacy movie has taken off!

We have a full cast, but now we need funding to complete such a large project.

Click this link to find more information regarding this funding campaign and how it will contribute to the ever-growing film community of Calgary and the community of youth filmmakers globally!For more information or to contribute visit

What is The Legacy?

The Legacy delves into the realities of organized crime while still keeping elements of entertainment, violence, and dark comedy apparent. However, this project can’t just be about violence and entertainment! This story explores relationships, guilt, anger, vengeance, loyalty, honor, and most importantly, friendship (I know, it’s cheesy). This project emphasizes these emotions and aims to transform the audience’s viewing experience. Filled with high-quality imagery and advanced cinematography, The Legacy crew aims to fill the movie with unique and meaningful shots.

Why Should this Project be Funded?

To ensure the quality of the film, much funding is needed. Funding is required to bring a sense of authenticity to the environment and time period of the film. Audio and high-definition video are important elements that should not be ignored. If this film is to reach a level of excellence in both post-production and filming, proper funding must be achieved.

This project should also be funded as it supports filmmakers and young youth artists in Calgary who are both working on this film, but also starring in it. The success of The Legacy ensures there will always be a special place for youth in Calgary’s film and art culture.

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