Reader in Residence Wanted

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Reader in Residence Wanted

The reader in residence role is an opportunity for an artist—of any artform, from music and writing to painting and pottery—to focus on their practice.

The residency is designed to give the resident the creative space they need to pursue what they are passionate about.

The living space provided includes a private upstairs bedroom and bathroom (no separate entrance), with access to the kitchen and rest of the home when the house is closed. During operating hours, the resident will share the public space of the house with local families who, by appointment, will use it to read, play, discover and rediscover their love of books.

The house is full of hidden reading nooks, art of many mediums, and books and toys of all kinds—so, there’s lots of inspiration and lots for visitors to explore! It is a two-storey home that is both fairytale-like and book-inspired. There are a number of themed rooms, some inspired by our favourite books and authors.

Many visitors like to curl up in one of the nooks and read during their entire visit, others like to play the literacy-based activities and games we showcase. You can expect a variety of action happening during operating hours! We offer memberships to the Little Red Reading House, so you can also expect to become familiar with some of the families that frequent the house.

The relationship between Calgary Reads and the reader in residence is expected to be symbiotic. We want to provide you with a space to be creative, and in return, we want you to create! In addition to leaving a piece (art, writing, photography, etc.) at the house for families to enjoy as part of your residency contribution, we ask that you host one learning workshop with our community so we can share and celebrate your process and your art. We can show and tell you about the ways past readers in residence have shared their talents with us.

About You

You are a creative, a maker, and a visionary! You express yourself through creative mediums: you may be a writer, a sculptor, a painter, an illustrator, a poet, a musician, or a photographer. There is no one profession or background that fits the role of the reader in residence—just that you love books! This role is for anyone who thrives on creativity, and most importantly, needs a space to explore it. You would benefit from having access to a place like the Little Red Reading House, where you can focus on your craft and express your creativity.

You love to read.

Calgary Reads is a nonprofit organization with a mission to support early literacy. We equip families with the tools they need to teach children the value of reading and why they should love books. So naturally, a love of reading is particularly important to being a part of our team! Perhaps reading is part of your daily routine, perhaps this role would be an opportunity for you to make more time for reading! What is important is that reading matters to you.

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