Call for Artists for Month Residency

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Call for Artists for Month Residency

Sparrow Artspace provides space (approx 700 sq. ft.) to artists for exhibition, studio, workshops, performances or installation on a full monthly basis. Art forms which use hazardous equipment, hazardous or toxic materials, or art forms that create a lot of mess or debris (e.g. pottery wheel) won’t be suitable.

Sparrow values creativity, community and collaboration.

Creativity: The artists in residence will explore their own creativity as well as inspire and potentially nurture the creativity of anyone who walks into the space.

Collaboration: Residencies are for two or more artists. Sparrow provides a space for something new to emerge when artists work together — either in a collaborative piece or simply by working side by side. Artists can apply as an individual if they are open to Sparrow looking for another artist to collaborate with.

Community: We encourage artists-in-residence to reach out to the community in a way that is unique to them. Sparrow aspires to be a community hub where everyone belongs and can explore their own creativity. We also invite past artists-in-residence back into the space for workshops and events as well as other artists in the community.

We encourage applications from candidates who identify as part of racialized, Indigenous, and/or 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Art organizations are welcome to apply. Oral applications are excepted — I would love to meet with you and get to know more about what you do — please email to arrange a time to meet.

Sparrow is a (non-profit) private enterprise and is not an official non-profit organization and thereby won’t be able to pay artist fees or apply for grants. However, Sparrow’s mama bird, Sandra, would be happy to help source and assist in writing an artist grant. Sandra has experience writing grants from her work in the non-profit sector.

There is a fee of $500 per month (not per artist) which helps to cover some of the expenses. Artists can sell their work and there will be a 20% commission that goes back into Sparrow Artspace to cover some of the costs. Sales will be made directly between the artist and the client. This is not a rental — the actual cost of running the space is approximately $10,000+ per month which is covered in part by an anonymous donor and in part by Sparrow Artspace. The fees and commissions from artists only cover a small portion of this.

Artists also contribute to the space and community by keeping the space tidy, posting on social media and various tasks as needed. The space is open to the public three to five days a week. This is an opportunity for artists to engage with visitors or to make sales. Artists will need to commit to being in the space a minimum of three days a week during public opening hours (Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am – 6pm).

Sparrow has the following on-site that the artists are welcome to use: Wi-Fi, sink and washroom, fridge, microwave, lockers to store your things, folding chairs and tables, and a rail hanging system for displaying art. Artists will be responsible for supplying anything else they may need (e.g. plinths for 3-D work, etc.).

  • Residencies are a full month with a move-in on the first of the month and move-out on the last day of the month.
  • There is a $500 damage deposit.
  • Artists will have access to the space Mon–Sun (8am – 10pm) by secure FOB key access (there is a security system). Sparrow has insurance for the space, but it does not cover artwork.

Sparrow is a community art space and there will be other people working in the space at the same time. There might also be additional events (e.g. meetings, clubs, workshops, performances, etc.) which will be arranged and scheduled with the artists in residence.

Sparrow Artspace is located in the historic de Waal building in Bridgeland, 36 4th St. NE. There is free one-hour parking at the building as well as free street parking. There is one designated parking stall that can be booked by the artists.

For more information or to apply fill out the application by visiting or contact to book a time to tour the space.

Are you an artist? Apply for a Sparrow artist residency | Sparrow ArtSpace logo

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