Call for Artists for Wearable Art Residency

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Call for Artists for Wearable Art Residency

December 2023

Do you make wearable art?

Apply for Sparrow’s December Wearable Art Residency – application due September 23, 2023!

For more information visit

Sparrow is now accepting applications for our December 2023 Artist Residency (due September 20, 2023). If your art rubs shoulders with the human form and spirit, this is the residency for you. What we are looking for: jewellers, tattoo artists, hat makers, shoe cobblers, bag boasters, clothes horses, and more.

Some details:

  • Because we value collaboration, we encourage artists to apply with another artist(s).
  • We would love to see your process and concept drawings, sketchbooks, writings, or other materials you use to plan and execute your work.
  • We encourage artists-in-residence to create their work in the space!
  • Artists will be able to sell their work during the month. See application for more info:

Applications are accepted until September 23rd, 2023.

Is it art? Can you wear it?

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