Call for Audio Poems

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Call for Audio Poems

A Call for Audio Poems by and for Calgarians

Deadline to Submit: February 14, 2021

Do you have a way with words? Everyone is invited to write and record original poems that address the challenges facing us right now and submit them to This Might Help—an online collection of audio poems by and for Calgarians.

This Might Help—a project by university professor and Calgary’s fifth Poet Laureate Natalie Meisner—functions as a modern jukebox. A compendium of click and listen audio poems will be uploaded over the next year and sorted by topic. This is a project with a mandate to put poetry in the hands of everyone.

No one expects poetry to substitute for food or shelter. We cannot eat a poem, nor will it set a broken bone. Poetry can, however, stitch up a broken heart, help us see the world through one another’s eyes and find beauty in odd places.

For more information on how to participate, visit

Submissions are open to poets from Calgary and across Canada.

Authors of audio poems chosen for publication will be paid.

Submissions can be sent as MP3 by attachment to

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