Call for Choreographers

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Call for Choreographers

Ballet Bodies YYC is seeking three Calgary-based choreographers to be part of Ballet Bodies YYC’s choreographic workshops taking place next Winter/Spring 2023. We are looking for artists interested in trying new movement ideas with community dancers in a relaxed and open environment.

The choreographic sessions will take place between February 17 and May 27, 2023 at DJD Dance Centre.

Through these sessions, Ballet Bodies YYC hopes to introduce new dance styles to classical/contemporary ballet by providing space and time for experimentation and creation.

Choreographers will provide six, one-hour choreographic workshops where they will create and/or teach movement phrases to drop-in dancers. This opportunity is designed for dancers to learn, explore, and get a taste for new movement vocabularies, choreographic processes and artistic perspectives. Choreographers should have an interest and curiosity in seeing what happens when different dance styles merge!

Our organization focuses on making ballet more affordable, welcoming and diverse. We encourage choreographers from ALL dance styles that are interested in working with ballet dancers to apply.


  • January 8, 2023: Application deadline.
  • January 10 – January 29, 2023: Conversations with eligible choreographers. We will schedule a 20-minute informal meeting for a chance to get to know each other and talk about art!
  • February 1, 2023: Successful applicants are notified.
  • February 17 to May 27: Workshops take place.

Artist Fees

The selected Choreographers will be paid $360 ($60 per hour)


The choreographer will:

  • Provide 6, 1-hour workshops on a weekly basis.
  • Choreographers will create a minimum of 1 movement phrase between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long that will be recorded for marketing, social media and funding purposes.
  • Choreographers are free to record their sessions to keep for their own documentation.


The choreographer must:

  • Live in Calgary
  • Have presented at least 3 professional choreographic works
  • Be available for at least 1 full session.

To apply please visit

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