Call for Mural Artists

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Call for Mural Artists

The Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) is excited to announce this call for two artists (or artist teams) to create a collaborative mural that celebrates our community and enlivens a long dreary sidewalk area.

About the Site

The location of this project is the sidewalk area on Centre St between Samis Rd and 7th Ave. NW, the gateway to the Centre St business area and Crescent Heights.

This hilly climb up to Crescent Heights has been described by residents as a long and boring walk (perceived to take 15 to 20 minutes when it is actually about seven minutes), loud and hectic with cars speeding by, claustrophobic (pedestrians and cyclists navigate around each other since there is no sidewalk on the West side), and unsafe (there is no eye on the street since there are no businesses or residences along here).

When asked what might change the perception of this space, residents overwhelmingly replied: Colour, art, something to look at.

About the Project

The CHCA would like to transform this Walk of Doom into the Magic Walk. Funding has been approved by The City of Calgary’s Parking Reinvestment Fund for a mural along the retaining wall and on the sidewalk area where the retaining wall ends (see fig. 1 in attached PDF) so that there is something beautiful to engage pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists along this stretch of Centre St.

The retaining wall mural should work both to be of interest to motorists (from far away) and for pedestrians (up close). We are commissioning two artists (or artist teams) to work together to create a fun, colourful, playful, and inspiring experience for route users. The artists will develop concepts by engaging with the community so that residents have some input into the ideas or theme of the design. The artists or artists teams will work together to create a work that is unified while still reflecting their unique vision. The artists will be responsible for arranging all the materials, site preparation, equipment, permits, etc.

About the Crescent Heights Community Association

The Crescent Heights Community Association works with members and stakeholders to improve the quality of life for all its residents by developing and enhancing community enjoyment, safety, connection and belonging, and advocating on behalf of the community. We value community engagement through the arts and support local artists. A commissioned mural on a building on Centre St and six intersection murals have been some of the art projects the CHCA has initiated.


This opportunity is open to professional mural artists living within Calgary. Mural artists based in Crescent Heights are encouraged to apply. Participants must be legally entitled to work in Canada. Artist teams are welcome to participate and will be responsible for splitting the payment amongst themselves. If an artist would like to hire an assistant, the artist will be responsible for compensating their assistant.


Artists fee of $17k per artist or artist teams ($34k total) includes community engagement, design, painting, site preparation (permits, cleaning, barricades, etc.), and materials (paint, brushes, sealant, lift equipment, etc.).

For questions or to submit, please contact

Deadline for Submissions: July 18, 2020

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