Call for Participants

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Call for Participants

Map Battlez

EMMEDIA and Mapperz present: Map Battlez on Saturday, December 9, 2023 from 7 – 10pm.

The. Gloves. Are. OFF! Projection mapping artists battle it out in three categories to test out their skills. Whether you are free-spirited and want to show your creativity in FREE MAP, or a technical beast and details are your priority in TIGHTEST SEAM, or you run through each of your projects at the speed of light in FASTEST MAP, there is a category for you.

Each category winner wins $125 in in-kind rentals from EMMEDIA.

Register here.

Deadline to register as a participant is on November 24, 2023 at midnight.

Event Schedule:

7pm – First Category: Free Map. Artists projection map on their own wall. They can create their own work from scratch throughout the event, or bring a project they are currently working on. Unleash your creativity!

8pm – Second Category: Tightest Seam. A random object is welcomed to the competition. Artists will do their absolute best to map the object and the most accurate depiction takes the prize.

8:35pm – Third Category: Fastest Map- 1. 2. 3. GO! We’ll roll in our white plinths and the audience will place them into a random arrangement. The mappers will map as fast they can.

9:15pm – Free Map SHOW OFF! Artist have been mapping throughout the entire event and will be voted at the end of the night.

How are Winners Selected?

Audience members will donate an amount of their choosing to EMMEDIA and vote for their selected mapper in Free Map. The mapper with most donations for EMMEDIA wins! Tighest Seam and Fastest Map will be determined by the judges.

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