Call for Sound Programmers

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Call for Sound Programmers

StoryBook Theatre is looking for sound programmers for our 47th & 48th season!

StoryBook is proud to engage emerging and professional artists as part of our productions. This important dynamic provides an on-the-job learning experience for those looking to make a theatre career to those who already are. Within the production environment, there are many different roles that require different levels of experience. There are a variety of roles included on productions from volunteer to paid positions.

No matter your skillset there are plenty of different options to consider. StoryBook believes that inclusivity and diversity are integral to the stories we tell both on and off our stage, and we seek to create an environment where everyone from any background can do their best work. We encourage people of all ages, gender identities, races, sexual orientations, physical or mental abilities, and ethnicity to apply for this position.


Sound Programmers will be accountable to the stage manager, design and artistic team and will work closely with production teams.

Duties include:

  • Set Up both rehearsal & show QLab
  • Programming show cue list in accordance with the designer
  • Modify cues to directors notes/ requirements of the show
  • Assist with Mic Plan
  • Create sound script for stage manager
  • Other duties as required
Skills & Qualifications

The ideal candidates would possess many, if not all, of the qualifications listed below. StoryBook is a learning environment and is looking for a candidate willing to grow into the role with a base understanding of its demands and skills required.​

  • Interest in theatre arts
  • Working knowledge of Q-Lab
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Organized
  • Must work well in a team settings
  • Accountable to deadlines

Ultimately, StoryBook is seeking people who fit in with the organizational mandate and are keen and passionate about the work we do. Candidates who possess these and the attributes listed at the top of this page would be seen as a considerable asset beyond their list of qualifications

If you are interested in applying, please visit

If you have inquiries or questions relating to roles and compensation, please email them to

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