Call to Artists

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Call to Artists

Indo-Canadian Mural Project

International Avenue is located on 17th Avenue SE from 26 to 61 Streets. We have a cultural mural program, which highlights cultures within Calgary and the Greater Forest Lawn area. The objective of the program is to improve the physical surroundings of the area and provide a vibrant, colourful, cultural art experience for all who live, work and/or visit the community. To date we have commissioned 11 artists to create beautiful vibrant pieces of art which adorn a number of buildings throughout the district.

This year we are very pleased to be highlighting the Indo-Canadian community with the theme “celebration.”
Artists interested in being considered for this project are asked to submit two samples of their previous work.

Please send two copies of your work to the Selection Committee no later than July 6, 2023. The committee will then create a short list of artists to submit ideas for consideration of the mural. In your submission, please outline your experience and interest in portraying this very important cultural community. This project is led by International Avenue BRZ with support from International Ave Arts and Culture Community.

Wages are negotiable.

Please forward samples to:
Section Committee
250, 3515 17 Avenue SE

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