Call to Enter: Major Projects

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The Works Art & Design Festival

Call to Enter: Major Projects

The Works seeks proposals for temporary works or installations to animate Sir Winston Churchill Square and other outdoor public spaces in Edmonton.

Successful projects will consider feasibility and compatibility with strong public health restrictions, the potential for remote or online interpretive programs, safe interaction with audience, and weather-worthiness with minimal supervisory needs once installed.

The Works is dedicated to accessibility, inclusion, interactivity, and socially engaged practice.

Application Guidelines

Major projects are the feature exhibits of The Works Art & Design Festival. As such, a high level of professionalism is expected from the artists participating in these programs. The Works Art & Design Festival uses The Canadian Artists’ Representation/le Front des artists Canadian (CARFAC) fee schedule as a guideline for artists involved in major projects. Artists must have a solid exhibition track record, and at least one reference from a past presenter.

Applications must include detailed budget (including maintenance if work can remain installed for an extended period), proposed site requirements, and timeline for completion.

Due to the shifting and unpredictable nature of ongoing public health restrictions, proposals for events, programs, and engagement opportunities will not be considered. However, project proposals may refer to opportunities for the artist to create learning and engagement opportunities with broader community and to mentor The Works Art & Design Festival interns, though this will not be evaluated during the selection process.

Individuals or groups may submit multiple proposals, but each proposal requires a separate and complete application.

Alternative application formats (such as voice recordings, videos, telephone calls, etc.) may be arranged upon request.

Applications must be received by March 12, 2021; early applications are encouraged. Applications can be submitted online through the application portal by visiting

Proposals must include:

  • Contact information in full, as per the online application form.
  • Artist/curator statement – A concise and clear articulation of the project’s themes, meanings, intentions, or relevance according to the artist. The artist/curator statement should transcend mere physical description of the project.
  • Project description – A detailed physical description of the exhibit or event. Include program type, title of show, mediums, number of pieces, dimensions, optimal space, and facilities requirements, technical requirements, necessary amount of time for install and dismantle, level of required technical and production support, etc. Include anything which will contribute to a clear and complete visualization of how the exhibit or event will be produced and be presented to the public.
  • Detailed timeline including any advance preparation, installation, and dismantle.
  • Complete, projected, global budget – All budgets are subject to approval by The Works and are negotiable.
  • Visual documentation – A portfolio of five to 20 quality images of work representative of the proposed exhibit. Major projects may include actual works to be exhibited, or drawings and similar works if in development. Still images may be 8×10 printed images or digital images. Digital images should be 1MB or less each, and no more than 8MB collectively. Videos should be submitted as links to view or download.
  • Visual key corresponding to all documentation in the aforementioned portfolio. A properly titled inventory of all visual documentation items: each entry must include inventory number corresponding to the item, artist name, title of artwork, date, medium, dimensions, photo and credit.
  • Artist list – If applicable, include list of all participating artists. Each entry must include city of origin and details of included artwork. If the artist list is not available, an explanation and plan must be provided.
  • Curriculum vitae of artist(s) and/or curator.

Selection Criteria

The following will be considered when selecting exhibits and presentations:

  • Artistic merit
  • Feasibility of project
  • Compatibility with all levels of public health guidelines

The Works office must receive your application no later than March 12, 2021. Acknowledgment of receipt will be emailed out upon the closing of the deadline. All information will be kept confidential except for information provided for promotional purposes.

For more information, visit or contact

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