Carrying Baggage

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Carrying Baggage

Trapdoor Artist Run Centre is calling for proposals for our upcoming exhibition Carrying Baggage. A registered non-profit operating out of Lethbridge, Trapdoor has acted as a siteless & nomadic artist-run centre since 2004. Oscillating between periods of activity and dormancy, Carrying Baggage will be our first post-Covid initiative.This exhibition invites artists to explore creative production outside of an institutional framework. We are asking artists to submit proposals for work that can fit in a small to mid-sized hard-side suitcase, new or old. We ask that the work is secure to transport, and that the luggage itself is an integral component to the work.The resultant pieces will be displayed on vintage TV trays that Trapdoor has sourced, and subsequently exhibited in a series of formal, semi-formal and guerilla venues around Lethbridge throughout the fall and early winter of 2023. The inaugural exhibition will be hosted in partnership with Casa art centre during Alberta Culture Days on September 23, 2023.Submission deadline: June 30, 2023

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Carrying Baggage, Deadline is June 30, 2023

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