Casino Volunteers Wanted

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Casino Volunteers Wanted

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Dates: June 13 & 14, 2024
Location: Deerfoot Inn & Casino, 11500 35 St. SE (Deerfoot Trail just off Barlow Trail & Deerfoot between Douglasdale & McKenzie Town)


Plenty of free parking stalls are available on site. No reserved area for volunteers. First come, first served.


Please arrive on time, or early, for your shift. When you arrive for your shift, tell the door staff you are a volunteer and they will direct you to the volunteer room.


Casual and comfortable, but as the casino loves reminding us, no torn or “immodest” apparel!


If you have special dietary requirements, and want to bring your own meal, there is a microwave and fridge in the volunteer suite. ** Please note that our policy allows a maximum of $25 of food or drink per person per shift.

Casino volunteering should be easy and fun, it’s a great chance to talk with people. Our Casino Advisors (hired professionals) will ensure that your duties are well-understood and enjoyable. It is highly advisable to bring a newspaper or a book, as there can be down time for certain positions.

Your contribution of time and effort to making this a successful casino will provide a tremendous benefit to WP Puppet Theatre Society, and the projects we support. A million thanks for your support!

To become a volunteer sign up here.

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