Casting Call

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Casting Call

Non-union, paid (honorarium)

Handmade Ivy Productions is casting David Ellis Heyman’s new biblical comedy “Bathsheba and the Books” for upcoming shows in the Calgary-Region One-Act Play Festival and the opportunity of an extension to the 2023 Edmonton Fringe Festival. We are seeking actors with a flair for language, comedy, and pacing. This project will be directed by Rosalind Jackson Roe.

Key Information

  • Self-tape to be submitted to by no later than 11 p.m. January 7th, 2023. Tape should include tail slate (including desired character, preferred pronouns, name) and a one-to-two minute comedic monologue. Selected applicants will be contacted for in-person callbacks using sides from the script the following weekend. In the body of your email, please note times you are available for rehearsals.
  • Rehearsals will begin early February and take place three-to-four times/week in Calgary until the Calgary Region One-Act Play Festival (March 16-18, 2023).
  • We are an official selection of the 2023 Edmonton Fringe Festival (August 17-27, 2023). After a brief break following the One-Act Play Festival in March, cast will have the possibility of being invited to attend as a part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival cast. We will resume rehearsals in July to prepare for the Fringe Festival.

Description of Play

In order to escape her racy past, Bathsheba decides to pursue her love of literature and compile the world’s first Bible. But when her dim-witted son King Solomon nearly goes bankrupt, he seizes her project for the profits and then gives her fifteen minutes to select the books that will affect world history for the next thirty centuries.


Bathsheba: 35-55, female, any ethnicity. The legendary sex symbol of (pre)-Biblical times, Bathsheba has decided to pursue her intellectual ambitions and work on a little editorial hobby— compiling the Bible. Whip smart, ambitious, and still able to call on her sensual prowess when it suits her.

Hiram: 35+, male, any ethnicity. In charge of King Solomon’s ambitious temple project, Hiram has been around since the time of King David and Bathsheba’s legendary first encounter, and he’s stuck around for a reason. Knows how to turn any situation to his advantage. If used cars existed, he’d be selling them.

Koheleth: 25 +, male, any ethnicity. An intellectual, and King Solomon’s former speech writer, Koheleth has an earnestness, way with words, and touch of arrogance that either endear or threaten. He’s only come back to the palace as a favour to Bathsheba.

Solomon: 25-35, male, any ethnicity. The famed King of Wisdom has a little growing up to do before he’ll become the stuff of legends. But when Solomon thinks Solomon is already perfect, any opposition needs to be worded carefully or risk the quick execution of absolute power. Think a toddler in a man’s body with pretty intense Daddy issues and absolute power.

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