Casting Call for Harmony The Musical

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Casting Call for Harmony The Musical

Production Name: 《和》Harmony The Musical: An Original Musical in Cantonese**(with English subtitles during shows)
Type: Live Theatre Show / Non-profit Union/Non-union: Non-union, honorarium (except minor)Production Type: Musical (original)
Show Language: Cantonese; casts must be able to sing and act in Cantonese, except dancers or non-spoken roles.
Location Venue: The Flanagan Theatre at The Grand  (608, 1 St. SW)
Director: Pat Chan

For casting inquiries email

Tentative rehearsal schedule: 

  • April 2024: First read through
  • May to July 2024: Preliminary rehearsals
  • August to early September 2024: Blocking/Regular rehearsals
  • Mid-September to end of October 2024: Intensive rehearsals (tech week at the end of October)

Show Dates: 

  • Friday, November 1, 2024: Tech Run/dress rehearsal
  • Saturday, November 2, 2024: 2 shows*
  • Sunday, November  3, 2024: 2 shows*

Total number of shows to be confirmed

Audition — 1st round: Digital slates submissionSubmission deadline: Thursday, February 29, 2024

For first-round applications, submit by visiting:


Detailed submission instructions and materials will be provided to you via email after receiving your application.

Audition — 2nd round: Call-back: In-person auditionAudition date & time: Early March 2024 (to be confirmed) Audition location: To be confirmed

About 《和》Harmony The Musical

July 1, 2023 marked the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act (commonly known as the Chinese Exclusion Act) in Canada. Inspired by the historical events, a group of local Chinese Canadians have written an original musical in Cantonese to allow us to express artistically the historical recount of the Chinese Immigration Act and the hardship it brought to Chinese.

The purpose of this musical production is to commemorate, preserve and raise awareness on this significant piece of Chinese Canadian history so that it will not be forgotten, and to educate the current and future generations.

Project funded by: The City of CalgaryCharity Partner: CCECA

Main Characters

Leung Chung Fat: (Ah-Fat: Age 20 – 30)  
Vocal Range: Tenor A2 – G4Male, honest, often helps others.
Yip Fung: (Ah-Fung: Age 20 – 30) 
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano A3 – D5Female, determined, strong, persistent. A virtuous wife and mother. Wife of Leung Chung Fat.Cheung Siu Kiu: (Ah-Kiu: Age 20 – 30)
Vocal Range: Soprano B3 – F5Female, beautiful, gentle, in need of companionship. Mother of Leung Yu Wah.Lee Hou Lik: (Ah-Lik: Age 30 – 40)
Vocal Range: Baritone C3 – E4Male, cunning, crafty, lurking in society.Wong Dai Fu: (Fu-Gor: Age 45 – 55)
Vocal Range: Baritone C3 – E4Male, a good person, owner of a laundry shop.Chan Yu Chu: (Fu-So: Age 40 – 50)
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano C4 – D5Female, wife of Wong Dai Fu, kind-hearted.Leung Yu Wah: (Yu-Wah Youth: Age 9 – 13) 
Dialogues only, no singing partA young boy, the child version of Grandfather Yu Wah.Leung Yu Wah: (Grandfather & Penman: Age 50 – 70)
Dialogues only, no singing partOlder man, with insightful views on history.Leung Hiu Yi: (Granddaughter: Age 20 – 30) 
Dialogues only, no singing partYu Wah’s granddaughter, a Chinese born Canadian.

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