Casting Call

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Casting Call

Exciting news! We will be participating in the documentary @skindeeptattoomovie and are looking for more folks to take part! We highly encourage our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ tattooed community members to send in submissions as you are some of the most under represented folks in the tattoo world. Your voices and stories matter!

We are excited to work alongside writer/director/producer, Fraser Costen who is obviously very passionate about his work. He has made it his life goal to work in the film industry, pushing it toward becoming a more open, fair and accessible space for all. In September of 2022 his Short Documentary Life’s A Drag (a documentary exploring the lives of local drag queens) was awarded the Rosie award for Best Student Production from the Alberta Media Production Industries Association!

This documentary isn’t about Hemlock specifically, so you don’t need to be a client of ours to apply, anyone with a compelling story is welcome.

Casting Call For Tattoo Documentary Film Skin Deep.

Skin Deep is an exploration into the practice of tattooing, with the goal of answering the question why do we get tattooed?

We are looking to cast this project with subjects who fit into the following

  • Heavily Tattooed – A person with a high percentage of their skin tattooed.
  • Moderately Tattooed – A person with more than 5 tattoos, but not with full sleeves/elaborate large surface area pieces.
  • Lightly Tattooed/First Timer – A person who is going to be or has just recently (within one year prior to this posting) been tattooed. We are looking for someone with no more than 3 tattoos.

All submissions are welcome, however we have some further guidelines on the kinds of subjects we are looking for within these categories.

  • Tattoo pieces with strong emotional, spiritual or sentimental value are preferred.
  • Tattoo Pieces with inspiring, thought-provoking or engaging stories are preferred.
  • Subjects who have additional Tattoos scheduled for 2024 would be highly preferred, but not required.

If you are interested in this opportunity please send a short email containing your name, age, a brief bio about yourself, which category you fit into and, if possible, images of your tattoo pieces to

Company: 2001 Pictures
Compensation: TBD
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Shooting: 2024 – Dates TBD

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