Cancellation of Mass Events

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Cancellation of Mass Events

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Cancellation of mass events through June 30, 2020, due to COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in response to the recent provincial public health order to prohibit gatherings with more than 15 people, all City of Calgary led events set to take place through June 30 are cancelled. In addition, we are cancelling permits for third party events that were set to be held on City land through June 30 which means those events cannot proceed.

The City’s decision provides clear direction and enables event organizers to make sound decisions to help limit the spread of COVID-19. It also means event organizers can stop incurring event costs such as marketing, ticket printing, infrastructure fees, booking talent and staffing.

The City will continue to reevaluate this decision and the June 30, 2020 date could be extended based on the Province’s direction and Canadians’ ability to flatten the curve. If the event cancellation date is to be extended past June 30, 2020, The City will notify event organizers by May 5, 2020.

At this time, we are not requesting that organizers cancel events scheduled for July and August. The City is working with these event organizers on the assumption that they will go ahead. However, it is advised that we all make contingency plans in the event we do need to extend the cancellation date.

A total of 79 festivals and events set to take place on City land through to June 30 have been impacted due to COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions.

The City is working with each event organizer who has booked on City land to accommodate their plans for postponement or cancellation. We are committed to finding opportunities to support our event and festival community as this situation evolves. Event organizers who are considering postponing their event to later in the year instead of cancelling all together are encouraged to get in contact with their City event liaison. We will work with you to determine venue and resource availability, and requests will be assessed on an event by event basis.

Calgary is a vibrant city renowned for our world-class festivals and events. In 2019, The City supported 287 festivals and events that partnered with more than 4,100 businesses to host 1.6 million attendees over 567 event days. Festivals and events are estimated to contribute more than $600 M to the local economy.

We realize this decision is disappointing for all Calgarians. However, public safety and therefore physical distancing must be our top priority during this pandemic. Once we’ve flattened the curve and Calgarians can gather once again, we’ll work with event organizers to bring amazing events back to Calgary’s streets, parks and venues.

If you have any questions as all, please get in touch with your City event liaison. We are here for you and together we’ll get through this unprecedented and challenging time.

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