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CJSW Funding Drive

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The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

CJSW Radio (90.9 FM and cjsw.com), Calgary’s only campus and community radio station, is gearing up for its 2020 funding drive.

Every year, for one week, we ask our listeners and the communities we serve to invest back into our station and pledge financial support to their favourite CJSW program.

For a donation of as little as $30, our supporters can proudly say that they have helped an invaluable local resource continue to operate and grow. By joining the CJSW community, our listeners are helping us along the way to a better listener experience.

The 2020 funding drive drive runs from 9:00 am on Friday, October 23 until 6:00pm on Friday, October 30, 2020. Listeners can call 403.220.5000 during the week of funding drive or visit cjsw.com starting Thursday, October 1 at 9:00am to make a donation. Our goal is to raise $200,000, which goes directly back into the station to make great radio.

This year, CJSW’s funding drive celebrates our role as an essential part of Calgary’s many artistic, cultural, social, business, and academic communities. CJSW is a ‘beacon’ in these dark, uncertain times.

Over the last 35+ years, CJSW has become a respected part of Calgary’s media landscape and a pillar of the local community, sharing music, spoken word and multicultural programs in more than 10 languages, and covering stories and music you won’t find anywhere else. Even beyond our broadcast, there are hardly any local institutions in the city that aren’t somehow connected to CJSW. From those who have remained on campus giving back to the University of Calgary, to those who have gone on to be musicians, creators, city builders, cultural advocates, and budding entrepreneurs. CJSW represents a side of Calgary that has historically been invisible within popular culture. CJSW serves as a spotlight on a vibrant counterculture within Calgary.

Throughout the pandemic and civil rights movements of the past year, CJSW has remained a beacon of hope in these unprecedented times. We provide our listeners with an escape from the real world and invite them to immerse themselves in local music, local stories, and local radio. Throughout the past few months, we’ve seen our listenership grow to almost triple what it normally would be.

Our programmers are more than just a voice on the radio. To our listeners, they are the voice of a friend in a time of isolation and general loneliness.

CJSW is here for you, through the good times, and the not-so-good times. We’re here to bring you music you love, stories you love, radio you love. Donate now at cjsw.com/donate.

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