The Art of Prosperity

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The Art of Prosperity

GRT Collaborator Roundtable #2 with Makambe K Simamba

How do we devise our own arts career in a way that that moves us away from settling for survival and towards thriving in prosperity?

The second of Ghost River Theatre’s collaborator roundtable events, The Art of Prosperity features Makambe K Simamba in a community conversation on the topics of creating your own arts life: your rituals, your intentions, your standards, your boundaries, and your overall practice.

Creators making their own work and directors working with creators are invited to join us on Friday, January 10, 2020, at 8:00pm, in Two Houses Brewery (1516 10th Ave. SW).

Space is limited. If you are interested in participating, please email Kate Stadel at Briefly outline your experience as a director/creator and why you are interested in attending.

Makambe is joining Ghost River in January to develop a new project entitled Makambe Speaks.

A bare set but for a stool, a bottle of water, and a mic stand. Enter A Black Calgarian female who is finally ready to talk about her natural hair in front of white people, who hates Nestle but keeps buying bottled water, and who wants to ask colonizers why they would make the entire world learn English but still allow Cockney to be a thing. Through stand up comedy, audience interaction, and a little bit of twerking, Makambe Speaks tackles the meaning and mayhem of performed identity, asking us how much of who we are…is who we’re not?

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