Collider In-Residence

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Collider In-Residence

Artist Residency Winners

The listing period for this opportunity has passed.

With over 300 applicants from 62 countries delivering thoughtful, innovative, and inspiring proposals, it was exceedingly difficult to narrow it down to only ten.

After a rigorous adjudication process with a jury of arts professionals, we are thrilled to announce and congratulate our final 10 residents:

  • Dawn Weleski (b. Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Catalina Tuca (b. Santiago, Chile)
  • Stephanie Mei Huang (b. Wisconsin, USA)
  • Matthew Waddell & Laura Anzola (b. Calgary, Canada & Bogotá, Columbia)
  • Orsolya Gal (b. Cluj, Romania)
  • Rhonda Weppler & Trevor Mahovsky (b. Winnipeg, Canada & Calgary, Canada)
  • Yotam Peled (b. Kibbutz, North Israel)
  • Cherrie Yu (b. Xi’an, China)
  • Vishal Kumaraswamy (b. Bangalore, India)
  • Huidi Xiang (b. Chengdu, China)

About Collider

Collider is an ongoing series of artist studio residencies, that serves as a catalyst for collaborative experimentation and discovery through a collision of ideas and actions.

In response to COVID-19, this inaugural digital edition of the Collider residency invited responses to the themes of colliding work practices, building new modes of cohabitation, expanded platforms for art, and thinking of containment in terms of positive self-reflexivity. Spanning six-weeks from May 4, 2020, it will be run as an experimental in-residence artist residency, facilitated via virtual interactions and workshops.

We sincerely thank all the applicants for sharing their work and ideas with us and are grateful for the positivity and resilience demonstrated by the arts community in these challenging times.

We also sincerely thank our very inspiring jury committee, who not only dedicated their time and effort to reading and reviewing submissions but also lent invaluable advice and support to our team.

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