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Communications and Community Engagement Consultant

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It is an exciting time to join Lougheed House as we continue to grow as a cultural hub for Calgary and our Beltline community. We are evolving our organization and are looking for individuals interested in being a part of this journey. Lougheed House was built in 1891 and is a Provincial and National Historic Site.

Designed by Ottawa architect James R. Bowes for Senator James and Isabella Lougheed, it is one of the earliest surviving mansions of its kind on the Canadian prairies today.

Located in the Beltline district of Calgary amid several acres of heritage gardens and green space, the House is also an accredited museum and significant Calgary landmark. It features a regular exhibition program, and hosts events, tours, and learning opportunities for visitors of all ages.

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Since it opened in 2005, Lougheed House National and Provincial Historic Site, which includes a museum collection, has focused its exhibitions and visitor experience on the early history of the House. With minimal involvement from the local community in the development of the permanent exhibitions, it does not reflect Calgary’s diverse histories, nor has it kept pace with new ways of engaging community to ensure meaningful and accessible experiences which interpret the past.

To understand who we serve and to identify community needs, we recently undertook a community engagement project which led to the development of a community engagement framework, exhibit plan, and a preliminary interpretive plan for the redevelopment of our permanent exhibits to include more community voices and diverse histories.

Lougheed House Re-Imagined is a plan to redevelop the permanent exhibitions on the second floor of Lougheed House, while also updating signage and interpretation throughout the entire house and green spaces. The second floor of Lougheed House is currently configured as a typical historic house museum with didactics and historic furnishings that explore the life of the house’s original owners, the Lougheed family. The displays have remained largely unchanged since the museum’s inception in 2005 and are not reflective of our current community.

The house is located on 2.8 acres of green space maintained by a team of 35 volunteer gardeners, which are accessed by over 80,000 Calgarians annually. As part of Lougheed House Re-Imagined, we are also planning a redevelopment of our gardens and outdoor spaces. This project is a significant opportunity to greatly enhance our internal capacity in the development and management of our gardens as welcoming spaces, and in the relaunch of the volunteer program in order to grow our diversity of membership and better address community needs.

We will consistently place community collaboration at the centre of programming and exhibitions development. There are two major aspects to the project: storytelling about the project and community engagement. The consultant will communicate aspects of the project to the community, solicit feedback and input from various stakeholders using a variety of engagement strategies, and communicate the outcomes of this engagement back to our stakeholders, creating a positive feedback loop of engagement.

For more information, including deliverables, timeline, budget, and submission requirements, please see the attached document.

Deadline for submission is March 22, 2020, at 11:59 MST.

Proposals should be sent to:
Kirstin Evenden, Executive Director
Lougheed House Conservation Society
707 13th Ave.SW
Calgary, AB  T2R 0K8

In advance of submitting your proposal, please contact Lougheed House Curator, Caroline Loewen, at to request copies of the community engagement framework, exhibit plan, and preliminary interpretive plan, that were previously developed as part of the initial Community Engagement and Research Phases of this project.

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