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Computational Arts

Studio Practicum

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Studio practicum programs provide an opportunity for participants to expand and enhance their technical skills in mediums supported by Banff Centre’s visual arts production facilities.

This program offers practical experience supporting visual arts residency programs and artists in residence as they engage with interdisciplinary approaches toward art-making in the digital media facilities. Computational arts studio practicum participants will also engage with experienced artists from a range of disciplines (including printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography) who seek to integrate new methods into their practice.

Participants will receive mentorship and feedback from the digital media facilitator as they learn skills for supporting artists’ projects, maintenance, and safe operation of equipment. Primary areas of focus include 3D printing, laser engraving, 3D scanning, and video art. Additional opportunities may arise in CNC fabrication, interactive media, and electronics.

What does the Program Offer?

Learning opportunities will arise through direct engagement with artists-in-residence, demonstrations, and regular mentorship from the digital media facilitator. Individual learning objectives and goals are determined in consultation with the mentor at the beginning of the program.

Digital arts are the principal focus of this program, however, supplementary learning opportunities may be offered in other visual arts disciplines as well. Participants will receive mentorship to strengthen their technical and artistic knowledge, communication, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. In addition to supporting artists in their specific production facilities, all Studio Practicum Participants will collectively prepare and maintain studio spaces for visual arts residencies.

The regular course of study for the computational arts studio practicum is 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. Participants have the opportunity to spend one weekday focused on independent study, while the other four weekdays are dedicated to supporting the computational arts studio practicum, artists in residence, and regular departmental projects.

Who Should Apply?

This program is suited for recent graduates of studio-based programs with an emphasis on digital fabrication, interactive media, and inter-disciplinary practices. Animation, video, and audio experience is also an asset. The program offers experience within a professional organization for those seeking careers as studio technicians or production assistants, or those in pursuit of graduate studies. Applicants must exhibit foundational skills in various digital technologies through their portfolio submissions.

Artists from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply, with a special invitation to individuals of Indigenous descent.


As this program exceeds six months in length, enrollment is limited to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. This is due to changes made by the Government of Canada to international student visa regulations, effective June 1, 2014.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2020
Dates: April 13, 2020 – April 9, 2021
Application Fee: $65
Indigenous Applicants: $35
*The tuition fee is covered 100% by financial assistance from Banff Centre.

Successful applicants will receive a daily living allowance while part of the program. Practicums are responsible for their own room and board costs but are eligible for subsidized Banff Centre housing based on availability.


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