Courage Journey

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Courage Journey

8 Week Puppet Workshop

VIEW from the Inside: Courage Journey is an award-winning program that invites you to explore your creativity in a friendly, supportive community.

In this 8-week course participants make a self-portrait-based puppet which becomes a nuanced artifact resulting in an amazing legacy project!

This art-based program nurtures creativity and wellness while connecting with others online. Together you will create art, participate in fun drama exercises, and share your story in small and large group discussions. Together we will share this artistic journey in a safe and supportive community.

The program is authentic, affirming and fun. Thoughtfully sequenced sessions walk you through skill building, storytelling, concepts, information, and discussion. Our aim is to promote confidence, mental well-being and self-discovery!

The facilitators are caring, considerate professionals who look forward to leading you on your unique puppet journey. A highlight of the program are the optional open sessions offering one-on-one reviews and helpful tips and tricks.

With our guidance, you’ll begin by constructing your personal puppet using a premade mask form and a variety of art techniques. This puppet represents many aspects of you – your ‘public face’, your connections to the world and your memories. Next, we coach you on how to present ‘performative-reflections’ derived from your journaling and other writings. And finally, we visually archive your stories and celebrate it all in a meaningful sharing event.

Designed for all ages 17+. No art or performance experience is necessary. Offered over Zoom in small groups. Basic materials will be mailed out to participants after the start of the session.

You will need:

  • A computer or tablet
  • The Zoom application. We can help you get that set up and provide guidance on using Zoom if needed
  • Ability to attend all the sessions
  • To sign a media release allowing us to photograph and video your puppet.

Your fee includes:

  • Supplies include mask form (will be mailed to you) and digital handouts
  • Supply list with optional additional materials
  • Invitation to sharing, art show and film screening. Specifics TBD.

NB: most of the puppet making will occur outside of the course times. If course fees are a barrier to participation – please contact us directly.

Cost, registration for January 2022: $99 per person or $156 for Two

For more information about the Tuesdays sessions starting January 18, 2022 visit

For more information about the Wednesdays sessions starting January 19, 2022 visit

For questions email

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