Creative Chaos Art Face-Off

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Creative Chaos Art Face-Off

Being a competitor is free, however, you must be curated before acceptance.

Please submit the following for submission consideration:

  • Name.
  • Contact email.
  • One or two photos of your best art pieces in acrylic.

No more competitors will be considered after September 1, 2019.

How the Competition Works

Competitors get free admission. Attendees are $10 per person.

Attendees will be asked to submit a theme that they would like to see the artists draw. (ex. flowers, summer, animals, landscapes, fantasy… etc). The suggested themes are put into a hat and drawn at random at the beginning of each round.

Four artists will then compete head-to-head to create works of art that are 16″x20″ each in the theme selected for each round.

There are three rounds. The first round is 20mins long. The second round is 40mins long. The final round is one hour long. Each round the attendees and the artists can vote for their favourite painting for that specific round.

In the first round, the top three most voted for will move onto the second round. In the second round, the top two most voted on will move onto the final round. And the final round the top voted piece of art for the final round will be declared the winner and champion of New Motion Gallery’s Creative Chaos. In the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped, and the two people tied can declare if they want heads or tails. Whatever way the coin lands face-up, the person who called that side is the winner and moves above the other tied person.

There will be a five minute voting period for each round for people to submit their votes.

The champion of New Motion Gallery’s Creative Chaos will be a featured artist in one of any of New Motion Gallery’s monthly themed shows for free.

After the competition ends, all of the paintings are gathered up and put up for auction for everyone to bid on, like all auctions the highest bid wins the painting.

For questions or to submit, email


Artists are provided with a blank canvas for each round, a bucket of water, and paper towels, a palette of specific colours which are the same for all artists. No other colours in the same or any other medium can be added to the palette. However, colours can be mixed to create new colours.

Artists must provide their own paintbrushes, sponges or any other painting tool. However, no electronic devices may be used to assist in creating the art in any way shape or form. (ie; hairdryers, electric erasers, heat lamps…etc).

Artist must not begin painting or touch the canvas in any way prior to the time starting for each round. At the end of the round, all artists must immediately stop, step back and present their hands to show they are finished. Failure to do so will immediately disqualify the artist from the competition.

Competitive banter is acceptable, but please keep it friendly and light-hearted. Don’t be unnecessarily rude.

Absolutely no sabotaging, or interfering with the other artists.

Have fun!

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