Creative Journaling Workshop

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Creative Journaling Workshop

Join our creative journaling workshop: Building Self-Confidence! Get creative and learn to regulate emotions through journaling.

Like all the spaces that we spend most of our time at, like our home or work, our mind and mental space needs cleaning every once in a while to remain healthy and productive. Putting our thoughts into words, acknowledging and expressing our emotions, with many health benefits of practicing your creativity, help to develop a practical way of understanding yourself better.

In this creative workshop you will learn:

  • How to use journaling to prevent self-sabotage
  • How to develop and maintain boundaries
  • Tips on how to take care of your mental and emotional health

In this workshop we will work with any collaging, painting or drawing materials. Please prepare your materials before the session starts.

Here is the list of materials to consider:

  • Blank notebook/ sketchbook (any size) (if you already have a journal , feel free to continue working on it)
  • Any choice of coloured papers, gift wrapping paper or fabric
  • Glue stick, white glue or glue gun
  • Glitters or any other materials that bring you joy
  • Watercolours/ acrylic paints and paintbrushes of your choice
  • Pencils, pencil crayons or pastels
  •  Stickers, images or magazine pages
  • Pages of an old book
  • Scissors

No experience is required. Just participate, learn, express and enjoy! Looking forward to seeing you!

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About Us

LOUD (let optimism unleash dreams) Art Society is a Calgary based not-for-profit organization enhancing mental health through art and creative activities. We specialize in offering a therapeutic art program with the integration of Art-therapy and Mindfulness services.

Our vision is to provide affordable access to practicing any form of art and creative activities.

This is a free/by donation event. 100% of the proceeds go towards our services to at-risk youth and vulnerable individuals.

To learn more about us visit

Creative Journaling- Building Confidence | In this creative workshop you will: Learn how to use journaling to prevent self-sabotage Receive tips on taking care of your mental health & emotional health Learn how to develop and maintain boundaries Prepare: any collaging, drawing or painting materials

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