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Creative Workshop

With Bruce Horak

The date for this opportunity has passed.

Inside Out Theatre is proud to partner with award-winning and critically acclaimed theatre and visual artist, Bruce Horak, to host a creative afternoon designed to unleash your inner artist, as a part of our visiting artist series, Tendencies.

Please join us in the Inside Out Theatre space on Saturday, March 9, 2019 for a 90-minute workshop that will unlock your creative potential, regardless of your skill level. Using a variety of techniques and methods developed and/or utilized by Horak, you’ll learn how to incorporate different principals into whatever medium you find yourself working in. Through a number of exercises and discussion, you’ll walk away from the workshop with a new set of skills for your practice.

All skill levels are welcome.

In addition to the direction given by Horak, all materials will be provided as well as light snacks and refreshments. It is asked that comfortable clothing is worn, as light movement will be incorporated within the session.

About Bruce Horak

Award-winning and critically acclaimed visually impaired, visual artist, Bruce Horak lives with 9% of his vision and has, over the last two years, painted a series of over 500 unique portraits which attempt to capture the way that he sees, aptly named The Way I See It. Portraits, landscapes, tactile art, and more, Horak has taken his passion for art and its many mediums to professional levels, with successful galleries, showcases and artist residencies throughout the country.

Most recently performing his one-man show, Assassinating Thomson at Calgary’s Lunchbox Theatre, Horak recounts the mystery surrounding the unsolved death of Canadian painter, Tom Thomson. As he intertwines his personal life story and reveals his controversial perspective on Canadian art history, Horak shares the unique way he sees the world through an original portrait he paints throughout the show of each new audience.

A successful and talented artist to no avail, Horak’s unique and one of a kind vision has not only made his methods of creating distinctively beautiful but gives new meaning to the idea that anyone can unleash their inner artist. To learn more about Bruce Horak and see his other works, visit

This workshop is a part of Inside Out Theatre’s new visiting artist series, Tendencies.

This series invites our visiting artists to share their unique creative habits and artistic perspectives with Inside Out Theatres’ artists, audiences and community members.


There will be a $25 drop in fee for this workshop or $20 discount fee with a Lunchbox Theatre ticket stub to Assassinating Thomson.

When and Where

This workshop will take place on Saturday, March 9th from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm and will be held in the Inside Out Theatre space located in Eau Claire Market, right across from the food court.

Sign Up

This workshop allows for 12 participants, as space is limited.

For more information or to confirm your attendance, please visit

For more information or questions, please email

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