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Crew Lead

Deadline for applications is June 30, 2018.

The Beakerhead Co-Chairs are the volunteer team leads that help drive the programming plans for their respective crews. The work of each crew will lead to the production of a community-driven spectacle that is delightful, safe and exhilarating for spectators and participants. An additional goal for each crew is to have fun through the process! As a Crew Chair, you will work as the glue that keeps the crew on track. All crew members and co-chairs are integral members of the Beakerhead team.

Their tenure is a two-year period, which is renewable through an annual vote.

Nature of the Organization

Beakerhead Creative Society is the organizing team at the heart of an annual program that culminates in a five-day spectacle bringing together the arts and engineering sectors to build, engage, compete and exhibit interactive works of art, engineered creativity, and entertainment. The society’s activities at the provincial, national and international level are coordinated by a core secretariat located in

The five-day citywide highly participatory event is a platform for many community-led projects and events. This position will support the community-programming portfolio that makes Beakerhead such an awesome event! As Crew Chair, you will help to support the promotion of creative art and engineering projects throughout the city.

Crew Chair Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Creating an energizing environment for their team to flourish.
  • Tracking team progress.
  • Creating a positive creative environment, where all voices and ideas are heard and considered.
  • Meeting with Beakerhead liaison and Crew Chair as required to ensure strategic direction alignment and crew cross-pollination.
  • Scheduling meetings and crew team builder events, including email communications with crew members.
  • Hosting individual project meetings if necessary.
  • Communicating all grievances to Beakerhead liaison.
  • Ensuring your team has the tools and information necessary to succeed.
  • Ensuring your crew has completed all volunteer requirements on time.
  • Ensuring your team has completed and submitted all project risk assessments.
  • Ensuring that meeting notes are shared with Beakerhead liaison, Crew Chair, and Outreach Coordinator.
  • Contributing to and attending debrief learning session post-Beakerhead.
  • Regular reporting with Beakerhead via phone, email, Skype or in person.


  • Courageous and energetic.
  • Responsible and reliable.
  • Working knowledge of Google Docs an asset.
  • Ability to work well within a team,  in a leadership position.
  • Enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
  • Commitment to quality.
  • Willingness to be a part of something awesome!

This role would be based out of the home, or in the Beakerhead office located at 1405 4th St. SW.

To apply email

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