Technical Artist Intern

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Technical Artist Intern

As a technical artist intern, you’ve got skills with HTML5, CSS3, and some JavaScript, which means you’re good to go when it comes to developing innovative features for responsive websites and creating interactive motion graphics. If you’re always looking to learn and grow in your role, then good news—you’ll gain experience working with departments like Creative, Studio and UX to create top-notch HTML5 content.

Experience has taught you what works when it comes to choosing the best mix of cutting-edge tech. Most importantly, you can see your work through a creative lens and are driven to hone your craft through a passion for technology.

This 12-week internship commences September 13,2021.

Deadline to apply for this internship is July 9, 2021.

You Will

  • Rapidly prototype with code using modern front-end frameworks and digital pattern libraries.
  • Deliver solutions balancing technology and business.
  • Understand business and user.
  • Maintain high coding standards.
  • Build animations with code and enhance display ads.
  • Create interactive visual effects.

You Have

  • Proficiency with semantic HTML.
  • Experience creating animations and interactive elements to bring creative vision to life.
  • Sufficient knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Animate, Media Encoder).
  • Interest in Editing, 3D and VFX.
  • Knowledge of processing, exporting and conforming assets to be used in HTML5 animations.
  • Experience creating 2D/vector animations.
  • Interest in AR and VR technology.

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