Cyanotype Magic

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Cyanotype Magic

Duration: 1 day workshop
Date: July 30, 2023
Time: 10am – 3pm

This full-day workshop will introduce you to cyanotype, one of the first alternative photographic processes ever developed. Create beautifully detailed prints by exposing virtually any object to the sun. You will design, expose and develop your photograms and cyanotypes using plants, photographic negatives and other objects.

Discover the magic of this exciting and sometimes unpredictable sun printing medium. The result will be a selection of beautiful prints in monochromatic Prussian blue that can be framed, quilted or used in mixed media art.

The instructor will cover:

  • How to properly mix the cyanotype solution
  • Preparing various substrates with the solution
  • Process, guidelines and exposure of prints
  • Working with objects, botanicals & photo negatives
  • Composition & finishing options
  • Alternative methods beyond cyanotype

Cost: $125, prices not subject to GST

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  • Class limited to five participants
  • Adults 18+ years old

Instructor Bio

Gloria Gelo is a contemporary abstract artist and instructor working in mixed media. Originally from the Midwest, Gloria has always been drawn to the seasonal shift of nature and organic shapes. With an emphasis on dried leaves, macro flora and the muted variations of water and coastline, she explores the space between shape and form, creating uniquely understated, minimal and modern works of art.

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Cyantype Magic with Gloria Gelo | July 30, 2023 | @ A/P | Alberta Printmakers Studio Workshop

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