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Digital Animator

Action Dignity Society is seeking a Calgary-based digital animator to create an animated timeline of its history and milestones/highlights from the last 20 years. The digital timeline is part of ActionDignity’s 20th anniversary celebration and will be featured at events and on its website and social media platforms.

Action Dignity is committed to removing barriers to opportunities that are faced by Indigenous, racialized, and ethno-cultural digital animators and encourages members of these communities to apply.

About ActionDignity

ActionDignity a community-based organization that facilitates the collective voice and action of ethnocultural communities to pursue the vision of a just and equitable society for all. It uses collaboration to create positive impacts for individuals, families, communities, and systems. It has a membership of more than 100 ethnocultural organizations and individual members, and wide-ranging collaborative relationships with service providers, institutions, and policy makers.

ActionDignity, formerly the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary (ECCC), launched its current brand in December 2017 after a process of reflection, research, and strategy building. Its name change signifies the importance of ethnocultural communities collaborating among themselves and with different sectors of society to achieve greater equity for all. ActionDignity has been at the forefront of many initiatives addressing issues of diversity, human rights, racial inequities, and public participation since its inception. It builds leadership and organization capacity in Calgary’s ethnocultural communities and enhances the participation of community members in community-based prevention initiatives, civic activities, public consultations, and elections. To create impact for more individuals and families, ActionDignity has recently strengthened its efforts towards systems-level changes in services, institutions, and public policy. ActionDignity is committed to amplifying its work with broad coalitions to address issues of inequity through public awareness, community engagement, collaboration, collective voice, and strategic dialogue with decision makers. Our work is funded by local, provincial, and national government as well as private funding organizations.

The breadth and scope of ActionDignity’s current work is reflected in its 2020/2021 Annual Report.

20th Anniversary Theme

Unrelenting Pursuit of Equity

The past year has demonstrated ActionDignity’s theme for 2021, Unrelenting Pursuit of Racial Equity, in a scale critical to our mission, a just and equitable society. Unrelenting because we did our work with greater intensity and clarity of purpose. ActionDignity has diligently worked so that racialized community members are provided with adequate resources and services to meet their essential needs, advance their well-being, and achieve their full potential. Our interventions were aimed at reaching the most marginalized and vulnerable populations first as opposed to the objective of reaching only greater quantities of people.

A number of devastating events in 2021 reminded and inspired ActionDignity of its critical role in the pursuit of equity.

When the pandemic isolated, claimed thousands of lives, and tested humanity, we gathered courage to provide care to thousands of racialized families disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, and worked to ensure equitable access to information and vaccine. COVID-19 exacerbated incidences of mental health, deepened social exclusion, and increased cases of domestic violence. ActionDignity responded by establishing natural supports and ensured that the design and delivery of services are culturally sensitive and informed by racial trauma.

The Black Lives Matter and the Anti-Asian Racism steeled our resolve in our journey for racial equity. We sought the voices of racialized communities through research, consultations, and storytelling to inform and guide our practice and policies. We walked with the communities impacted by racism.

We could not have done this alone. Together with our racialized communities, partner-organizations, funders, our Board, staff, brokers, and volunteers, we are a step closer to a more equitable Calgary.

Submission Requirements

Digital animator interested in being considered should email a brief statement of interest, as well as a portfolio of three digital sample works.


Animator will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Track record of digital animation work.
  • Understanding of ActionDignity’s work.
  • Knowledge of and commitment to equity.

ActionDignity Anniversary Committee will interview shortlisted applicants and reserves the right to select the digital animator to commission for this project.

Scope of Work

Artist who will be engaged in this project will be asked to produce an animated timeline based on ActionDignity’s history and milestones. Contract price of up to $2,000 will reflect the work put into designing the digital animation, and up to five edits.

Proposal Submission

Proposals must be emailed in PDF format to: Deadline for submission is May 23, 2022.

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