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Digital Facilitator

Volunteer video, film, and photo artists wanted to work with teens!

Are you a film, video, or photo artist? Do you want to make a difference and use your skills to help others? Do you want to gain facilitation skills and give back to the community by mentoring marginalized teens?


Antyx Community Arts is looking for a few volunteer digital artists to work with teens in our The Film Lab group.

Groups will be weekly, during after school and evening hours. Commitment would be four-to-five hours weekly to support teens, run workshops and groups together with our facilitators, and mentor marginalized youth with sharing their voice and opinions through digital media.

Volunteers will be supporting the staff facilitator who runs the weekly groups.

The current position is for Monday evenings from 4:00 to 8:30pm at Contemporary Calgary downtown (701 11th St. SW) but we will have additional groups beginning on Wednesdays and Sundays.

We are looking for folks that can be kind and supportive members to at risk youth or youth dealing with various barriers. We want mentors that are either post-secondary students entering the field and need work experience or skill development or professionals that have already been practicing in the field for many years and want to make a difference. It is inspiring and empowering for the youth to see artists living and working this life as a career. The group will be teaching teens various video, film, photo, set design, lighting, sound editing and other digital skills for the youth to make their own video projects on issues they are passionate about.

We are looking for folks that have skills in one or many of these areas to help support our staff members to run groups.

Volunteers will get a chance to learn facilitation and mentorship skills, have a chance to give back to their communities and vulnerable youth, be a mentor and inspire, and make community change by empowering teens.

Volunteers must complete a valid vulnerable sector police check to be able to facilitate. Valid first aid is helpful but not required.

Who Are We

Antyx Community Arts is a creatively unique organization that uses the arts as a tool to engage youth who are marginalized in their communities and mobilizes youth and community organizations in finding creative ways to address the issues that marginalize youth. Antyx youth may be dealing with a variety of marginalization’s including economic/poverty, racial, physical/mental abilities, identity, etc. and they may be newcomers, Canadian born, indigenous, and/or 2SLGBTQIA youth.

Antyx uses the arts to engage youth and spark their curiosity and commitment. Our community arts projects and programs provide a creative empowering experience for youth participants. Our interactive arts processes focus on the exploration of youth identified community issues and have many attributes that foster positive youth development.

Youth not only participate in an arts-based program, they have opportunities to develop leadership skills and provide a community service through the presentation of art that encourages community discussion and problem solving about youth identified issues.

Antyx uses the arts and community development processes to create opportunities for youth to become more engaged in their community and experience increased community connection. Our community arts strategy involves developing collaborative community arts projects that engage youth and communities.

Projects are planned with community partners and direct input from youth. Antyx community arts projects can have a neighborhood focus or they may be focused on addressing community identified issues. Arts are used to build community capacity and to creatively and critically engage people in processes that address important community issues. Community arts projects provide opportunities for youth to make tangible contributions to their community and be recognized for those contributions.

The arts open the door to self-reflection and self-expression, allowing youth to explore who they are and their place in the world. Collaboration is central to our work. Antyx is well placed as a community resource that provides creative support through community arts processes to a wide variety of community groups and organizations that are working on many different issues. In every project we aspire to engage youth as artists, activists and leaders in their communities.

Vision: Creative, vibrant communities fostering inclusion, participation, and potential.
Mission: Community Arts: engaging, empowering, transforming.
Values: We are enthusiastically committed to: Integrity, Diversity, Inclusivity, Creativity, and Empowerment


Participation in Antyx community arts programs provides youth with numerous opportunities to build skills, enhance protective factors, and form community-based relationships that help to reduce youth vulnerability. These programs have a tremendously positive impact, not just on the youth and their families, but also in their communities.

Just like the youth we work with, each Antyx project is unique. Whether it is writing a hip hop song or shooting a video, producing a live theatre performance or painting a community mural, each Antyx project is youth-centered and addresses issues directly relating to the lives of project participants.

Projects can vary in length, intensity and number of youth involved, reflecting Antyx’ ongoing commitment to customize programs to the needs of the community, while also empowering youth to take ownership over projects and leadership skills. Our diverse projects are delivered in spaces in communities across Calgary that are easily accessible to youth who have few recreational opportunities.

Email to apply for this volunteer position. We will be getting volunteers set up through April for programming commencement on April 25, 2022, so please apply soon!

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