Director of Artist Services

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Director of Artist Services

The Calgary Fringe is looking for its next director of artist services (DoAS)!

Best Suited for

The early career arts producer ready to transition into a mid-career position. You’re excited about initiating special projects and determining your own leadership priorities. Advocating for artists is something you are passionate about and you are always looking for new/better ways for organizations to support their teams. You are an excellent listener, warm host, and thoughtful systems-thinker.

The Job

The DoAS is designed to be a bridging opportunity, providing an early-career arts professional with departmental leadership experience and support pursuing an individualized learning plan within their role. The DoAS will usually complete a five-year term, and then be ready to transition in the next director of artist services.

This is a seasonal, contract position. Compensation for first year is $1,000 honorarium and Festival Pass while being trained and on-boarded by the outgoing DoAS; subsequent years is $2,000 honorarium with professional mentorship/development opportunities and Festival Pass.

For more details about this job position, including Tasks, Hours and Schedule, and Timeline, please visit


  • Community-Building: Connect with Fringe Festival artists to build relationships and knowledge exchange on behalf of the Calgary Fringe.
  • Consultation: Evaluate and advise the Calgary Fringe on ways to improve the artist experience and best practices in supporting artists as an organization and festival.
  • Departmental Direction and Strategy: The direction, priorities, and special projects of artist services are your responsibility to identify and execute.


  • Experience producing performing arts events (independent and/or organizational).
  • At least some touring/out-of-town performing arts experience (preferably on the Fringe circuit).
  • Knowledge in and ongoing commitment to anti-oppression for the arts.

About the Calgary Fringe

The Calgary Fringe celebrates creative freedom by providing artists and the community at large unique opportunities to participate in affordable, inclusive, unbiased theatre; it is a place that encourages creative ideas, innovative thinking, open dialogue, and meaningful exchange. When all people are included and see themselves reflected in our mission, we can transform our communities, our institutions, and our world into better places for everyone. All are welcome!

How to Apply

Please complete the online application below and submit.

Deadline for submissions: End of day June 15, 2022.

Applications will be notified of the results beginning of July 2022.

To apply visit

If this application process poses barriers to you, please email Michele Gallant (she/her), executive director at to discuss an alternative method of application as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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