Drop-In Music Therapy Sessions

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Drop-In Music Therapy Sessions

The National Music Centre (NMC) is pleased to announce the launch of two new music therapy drop-in programs in collaboration with JB Music Therapy, FunDrum and HealthSong.

Sign up to register for each 12-week program or drop in every Saturday from March 19 to June 11, 2022 at Studio Bell.

Led by JB Music Therapy’s certified music therapists, FunDrum and HealthSong are open to all but ideal for those navigating life transitions, such as Calgary seniors interested in improving their memory and mood.

Drumming in a circle form is one of the many techniques used by music therapists. Rhythm through drumming is known to accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system and produce feelings of well-being—not to mention create feelings of connection between all participants. Each FunDrum session will introduce different techniques and offer a fresh perspective on drumming and wellness. Participants will drum, sing songs, explore new instruments, and discuss the impact that music has on daily life. Instruments are provided or participants can bring their own.

Singing improves breathing, develops core muscles, exercises the brain (memory, concentration, linking left and right brain function), engages the emotions and encourages a feeling of belonging. Singers report benefits in all these areas, but even more, they report a huge improvement in their overall mood. Through the HealthSong stream, participants won’t just sing, they’ll also personalize their songbooks, analyze the lyrics they love (and don’t love), create exceptional playlists, and find the music that will keep them feeling connected.

Whichever stream participants decide to choose, they can drop in for a single class or come back week after week to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic drumming and/or singing, while also expanding on the skills explored in previous weeks.

As part of NMC’s ongoing commitment to initiatives that promote the healing power of music, a new Music & Wellness exhibition that explores music’s extraordinary capacity to affect human health and well-being, will launch later this spring. Since 2018, NMC has also partnered with JB Music Therapy and Calgary Health Trust to support the music therapy programs at Foothills Medical Centre and South Health Campus.

These programs will continue to provide improved care and positive outcomes for a range of patients, including those in intensive care, palliative care, as well as stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia patients receiving neurorehabilitation.

Registration is now open for the National Music Centre’s music therapy series at Studio Bell.

  • FunDrum launches March 19, 2022, and will run every Saturday from 1:30 to 2:30pm.
  • HealthSong will run every Saturday from 3:00 to 4:00pm.


  • For each 12-week program, pricing is $220 for adults and $179 for seniors, students, and NMC members.
  • Drop in pricing is $20 for adults and $16.60 for seniors, students, and NMC members, per one-hour session.
  • Admission for caregivers is free.


  • There is room for 15 pre-registrants per program.
  • There will be room for five drop-in participants per program.

Registration now open for 12-week physical and mental rejuvenation programs.

Please visit studiobell.ca/whats-on to register now.

About National Music Centre | Centre National de Musique

The National Music Centre (NMC) has a mission to amplify the love, sharing, and understanding of music and is preserving and celebrating Canada’s music story inside it’s home at Studio Bell in the heart of the East Village in Mohkinstsis (Calgary) on Treaty 7 territory. A registered charity with programs that include exhibitions, artist development, performance, and education, NMC is inspiring a new generation of music lovers. For more information about NMC’s onsite activities, please visit studiobell.ca.

To check out the NMC experience online, including video-on-demand performances, made-in-Canada stories, and highly entertaining educational content, visit amplify.nmc.ca.

About JB Music Therapy

JB Music Therapy is a team of certified Music Therapists who collaborate, design and personalize therapy plans with their clients that will foster desired change: boost mood, decrease stress, improve speech after injury, increase focus, develop learning, reduce anxiety, and recover lost memories. JB Music Therapy is a company that empowers and connects every person to their best self regardless of circumstance. We champion music therapy through excellence in clinical practice and public education, transforming lives one note at a time.

For more information, please visit jbmusictherapy.com.

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