Drypoint Techniques on Plexiglas

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Drypoint Techniques on Plexiglas

Interactive Live Online Demo

Dates: Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Location: Zoom

Why draw and etch on metal when you can use Plexiglas?!

In this online demo Kate Baillies will guide you through drypoint techniques using Plexiglas to explore drawing and printmaking. As this intaglio method is “additive,” drawing on Plexi can create a very delicate image or rich overlay of incised marks, translating into a velvety printed surface.

The first part of this session will include exploring techniques using a variety of tools on Plexi to create differing visual elements. Some tools are found in the basic kit of an Intaglio printmaker, others such as a multiline tool and a Dremel are more specialized. We’ll look at aspects of line, tone and texture that the tools create and consider the application of these qualities in an intaglio image. Later Kate will demonstrate printing, using various approaches to inking and wiping to bring out qualities in the drypoint image.

This demo will provide experienced printmakers with an opportunity to explore mark-making from a playful vantage point. There will be lots of time to ask questions and explore qualities to use in developing an intaglio print.

For more information visit albertaprintmakers.com/workshops.

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