Dynamic Composition

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Dynamic Composition

With Ingrid Christensen

A well-composed painting rarely fails… and a poorly composed painting rarely succeeds. This workshop will put you firmly in charge of your painting from the very first mark, helping you to organize complex scenes into clear, coherent, and powerful paintings. Working from your own photos, you’ll learn how to develop a concept and then simplify, organize, and manipulate your images to achieve that concept. You’ll learn the tricks to creating dynamic shapes, and how to avoid excessive detail, and you’ll discover the abstract heart that lies within every successful image.


This workshop is perfect for adults with an intermediate to advance level in painting and image-making.


Supplies are not included. Click here to view the workshop supply list. Please purchase the materials prior to the workshop and bring them with you.

Supply Discount

Swinton’s Art Supplies is offering a 10% for supplies related to this workshop. You will need to show proof of registration to the workshop to receive the discount.

Registration Cost: $135 plus GST & Eventbrite Fees

Or register by phone 403.931.3633, during business hours, Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm to avoid Eventbrite fees

To find out more or purchase tickets visit eventbrite.ca.

Registration closes on Thursday, September 6, 2018, at 9:00pm.

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Artist Biography

Ingrid Christensen is an established Canadian artist specializing in figurative and still life oil painting. She is a modern Impressionist, passionate about the same elements of perception and painting that inspired the French and Russian masters: the complex effect of light on colour, and the varied and exciting potential in paint application.

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