Board Members Needed

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Board Members Needed

Elephant Artist Relief Society (EAR) is looking for new board members! If you are passionate about the arts, want to support your community, and be part of an organization that is dedicated to supporting artists from all disciplines? We would love to hear from you!

We are looking for regular board members as well as someone to take on the role of secretary of the board.

EAR’s board members are creative, compassionate people who volunteer on our working board, contributing time, energy, and vision to the organization. This is an opportunity to work and share your skills in support of a good cause, all the while learning more about the business of the arts and running non-profit organizations.

Do you have experience with law, business, accounting or fundraising? EAR’s interested in hearing from you. We are interested in expanding our board’s abilities and building a strong foundation for EAR to grow.

We are also looking for a specific position of secretary.

The secretary position is an executive position on the board and is responsible for various administrative tasks. These responsibilities include creating meeting agendas, taking notes during meetings, helping to maintain our membership, and working directly with the administrator to keep the organization running smoothly. Time dedicated to the position is between five to eight hours a month. The ideal candidate will have past experience with Microsoft Word, good organizational skills and is interested in working in the charitable arts sector.

This is a chance to build skills towards working in charitable arts organizations and networking with the Calgary arts scene.

For more information about EAR, visit Please send a brief letter of interest, outlining any related experience, to us via email at

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