Energy Futures Print Portfolio

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Energy Futures Print Portfolio

Visual artists, writers and poets residing in Alberta are invited to apply before November 25, 2021!

The goal is for writers and artists to think about energy transition in Alberta. How do we envision the future? What actual options are already there? How should society adapt? Is this an opportunity for change regarding equity and reconciliation? What are problems and challenges? What are the cultural changes? This can be imagined, but still based on reality. For this, I want to connect the writers and artists with energy experts and thinkers, to have discussion and to access information. The result should be an image in print, a story, a poem an essay.

I am seeking 20 visual artists with experience in printmaking and 20 writers or poets (both fiction and non-fiction) to participate in a collaborative portfolio project, conceived and organized by me, visual artist Eveline Kolijn. I encourage a wide spectrum of applicants and indigenous artists and writers to apply!

To learn about energy transition in Alberta; to discuss, envision and be inspired, the selected artists and writers will be paired and connected with a network of Alberta experts, thinkers, and influencers from the Energy Futures Lab, together with members from Alberta’s town, rural communities, and First Nations. Content can range from technologies, societal change and systems change.

The outcome will be a printmaking portfolio consisting of both hand-made fine art prints and large folio pages of text digitally printed on archival paper, forming a tangible, and imagined vision of Alberta’s Energy Future. The edition will be a maximum of 25, with paper size of 13 x 19”. Hand pulled print techniques are preferred, but digital prints can be included. For the writing, a mix of non-fiction, fiction and poetry is desired. All final texts should fit on one page. The Albertan, not for profit, Energy Futures Lab is supporting this project and will be the principal source of information on the topics of energy systems and energy futures. The portfolio is to be published in October 2022.

Effort will be undertaken to exhibit the portfolio widely in Alberta; for instance, via the public library system and the AFA TREX program. The possibility to digitize the portfolio into a publication is also explored.

Each selected artist and writer will receive an honorarium of CAD $225. Each printmaker will receive a full portfolio set as part of the tradition of portfolio exchange; each author will receive an original print and copy of their text.

Submission requirements:

  • All applicants must reside in Alberta at the time of application.
  • Letter of interest: describe the following: information on level of experience in writing or printmaking, expectations and interest in the project and availability over the months of November and December 2021, to participate in information/workshop sessions.
  • Artist’s or writer’s resume, max. three pages; include contact information.
  • 3-5 Images of artwork for printmakers and a short sample of text or link to published text from the writer or poet.

Please mail your submission as one PDF file to, with Energy Futures Submission in the heading.

Deadline for Submissions: November 25, 2021, before 12:00pm.

All submissions will be subjected to a jury process. Selected Artists will be notified by the end of November or early December, 2021.

Information sessions and connecting the participants

I am planning three virtual (Zoom) sessions with everyone, where they will first meet each other and generate presentations with information on their expertise or subject matter, from which the connections should follow. Partnerships are to organically develop; they can be groups or one-on-one. I am aiming for a lot of freedom within this project , but will provide guidance where needed.

Proposed sessions:

  • One session to introduce the printmakers and writers, with samples of their practise and explanation of their interest in this project.
  • Next a session by Fellows from the EFL, who can talk about their involvement and give concrete information and summary of their field of expertise.
  • Final session will be led by the community members, who can elaborate on their initiatives and wishes for their community.

Project Timeline and Building Connections

Below is the proposed timeline. Extension of the project will be considered if it would result in a better outcome.

Matchmaking should commence in November and be completed by January 2022. The time allowed for the partnerships to be active, and to create is approximately 6 months. As project lead, I shall regularly check in and facilitate if issues or problems arise. I am familiar with this process; I conceived of, and successfully coordinated, an international print portfolio between printmakers and marine biologists in 2019. See example, visit

Prints are to be submitted in August 2022 and written material in July 2022. I will review, format and output texts on the fine art folio sheets of 13 x 19” and assemble the portfolio boxes.

Portfolio to be launched and shipped to participants in October 2022.

Who is the Energy Futures Lab?

The foundation of my practice is the connection between art, science, biodiversity, and the environment. This path has led to an invitation three years ago to become a Fellow of the Energy Futures Lab (EFL). The Lab is an Alberta-based, non-profit think-tank and network consisting of 60 Fellows and support staff. The Fellows are a diverse group of innovators and influencers, and they represent a diversity of views and come from government, the energy sector, First Nations, environmental organizations, universities, and the arts. This fellowship addresses the question: How can we leverage Alberta’s leadership position in today’s energy system to create the energy system the future requires of us?

For more information visit

The resulting vision focusses on systems that: will be net carbon neutral, will be diverse, resilient, and adaptable; generate prosperity, are innovative, are accessible and equitable to future generations, and energy-based partnership towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada. Functions of the Lab are networking and raising awareness, being a knowledge-base and spearheading innovation pilot-projects. One is the “Energy Roadshow”. The ambition of this Roadshow is to forge pathways for community resilience and energy innovation in Alberta. Communities approach the EFL to help vision and brainstorm their future on the energy transition. So far, the communities of Crowsnest Pass, Grande Prairie, Devon, Red Deer, Drayton Valley, Hinton, Whitecourt, and Athabasca have participated.

Eveline Kolijn, Lead Artist & Curator

Eveline Kolijn is a printmaker and installation artist living and working in Calgary. Growing up in the Caribbean, she has experienced both the beauty and demise of coral reefs. Eveline received a MA in cultural anthropology from the Leiden University in the Netherlands in 1986 and a BFA from the Alberta College of Art+Design in 2008, including the Governor General’s Award for academic achievement. She has participated in national and international exhibitions and residencies, public art projects and community engagement. She has been published in various scientific publications. She is an instructor at the Alberta University of the Arts School of Continuing Education. In 2018, she joined the Energy Futures Lab as a Fellow and in 2019, she received the AUArts Alumni Legacy award.

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