Ethnik Learning and Empowerment Program

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Ethnik Learning and Empowerment Program

Ethnik Festivals Association

Dates: July 15 – 27, 2024
Location: Central Library (800 3 St. SE)
Price: $50 registration fee
Age group: 12+ years

We’re excited to announce that registrations are now open for Ethnik Learning And Empowerment Program (ELEP) 2024, taking place from July 15 – July 27, 2024.

During the course sessions, every student will benefit from complimentary course materials and training equipment, valued at $1000, generously provided to them. These materials will be gifted to students upon completion of the program. Additionally, for those committed to their journey, lifetime mentorship awaits.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give yourself or your child the gift of literacy and a lifelong love for learning.

For more information on the courses details, please visit Ethnik Festivals. For registration details and to register, please visit here.

Don’t wait! Register now and give yourself or your child the best chance to succeed!

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