Evenings with the Calgary Philharmonic

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Evenings with the Calgary Philharmonic

Schedule: September 18 to October 30, 2023
Offered in cooperation with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.
Through listening, lecture, discussion, guest musicians, and attendance at select Calgary Philharmonic concerts, empower your curiosity and explore the world of orchestral music in a relaxed and fun environment.

Each session will feature a deep dive into an orchestral masterpiece, whether an epic symphony, a virtuosic concerto, or jazzy takes on classical favourites. We delve into a range of repertoire and programming to reflect the variety of modern performance. Along the way, we demystify some of orchestral music’s curious customs, and tackle big questions: What moves us? What makes it great? And what is the conductor even doing up there?


Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify the musical families in the orchestra and the historical periods of orchestral music.
  • Define the basics of the operations of a modern orchestra.
  • Describe biographical and historical information about the composers and repertoire performed by the Calgary Philharmonic.
  • Develop a vocabulary of musical terms.
  • Identify musicians, conductors, and staff from the Calgary Philharmonic and identify their roles and aspects of arts careers.
  • Describe noteworthy elements of orchestral performance.
  • Define what makes an orchestral performance great.

Discount for students 60 years of age and older does not apply, as this is not a 20 hour course.

For more information and to register visit venings With The Calgary Philharmonic | University of Calgary Continuing Education.

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