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Evolution: Quartet

Evolution: Quartet is a highly specialized, two-week program that provides early-career string quartets and composers the opportunity to enrich their approaches to interpretation, performance practice and composition. Working with faculty in a unique educational environment that considers the entire lineage of the genre as a constantly evolving whole, participant ensembles are able to hone their craft, identify gaps, and reconsider priorities as they work towards cultivating the artistic attributes that define their ensemble.

Led by the internationally celebrated Eybler, Parker, and JACK string quartets, the Evolution: Quartet mentor group is further reinforced by an extraordinary cohort of scholars, composers and instrumentalists. Participants will explore the early string quartet, with sessions on intonation, harmony, and structure, as well as in-depth discussions on style and rhetoric. Repertoire from the traditional canon will be studied and performed alongside contemporary works presented by faculty artists. Public performances will feature a full breadth of string quartet repertoire including new works by participant composers and guest faculty.

What does the Program Offer?

In 2022 Evolution: Quartet is being limited to six pre-formed string quartets and six composers. The program is led by three internationally celebrated faculty quartets with overlapping expertise in period performance, modern and contemporary practices. Participants will also have access to an unprecedented breadth of knowledge and performance experience, from composer Suzanne Farrin, musicologist Suzannah Clark, the Gryphon Trio, and other guest mentors.

Daily presentations and faculty-led discussions will focus on intonation, quartet dynamics, affect and rhetoric, advanced rhythm, performing editions, structural analysis, introduction to neo-Riemannian theory, in-depth exploration of faculty composers’ work and process, collaboration, right relations, and diversity/equity/inclusion.

The residency includes on campus public performance opportunities, and performance and composition faculty will also offer coaching and private lessons.

The six participant composers will be paired with the quartets to create new works that will be premiered at the end of the program. Participant composers will work with faculty composer Suzanne Farrin, visiting composer Felipe Lara and the other Evolution: Quartet faculty, in a program that supports their full creation process from inception to premiere of a new work for string quartet. Composers will engage in an intensive and impactful process that allows them to learn from, and deeply invest in one another’s creative development.

Composer/quartet rehearsals will take place on campus throughout the on-site program, and premieres will be featured in each participant quartet’s final performance.

Prior to the July 10, 2022, commencement of the on campus program participant composers will work with composer mentor Suzanne Farrin in an on-line format to develop their compositions and prepare for the on-campus experience.

Who Should Apply?

This program is open to emerging and professional quartets and composers worldwide.

Application Deadline: March 2, 2022
Program Dates: July 11 – July 24, 2022

For more information and to apply online, visit banffcentre.ca.

*Financial aid of 100% is available to cover tuition, and financial aid of 50% is available to offset food and accommodation costs.

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